Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Forgot to Post

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will take Judah and Tucker with me to Hopkins to meet with Judah's neurologist, Dr. Comi, in order to go over the MRI results face to face with her.

Please pray that:
  • Lawrence and I will have wisdom to know what to ask of Dr. Comi re: Judah's MRI and its implications.
  • Our visit with Dr. Comi would be as comprehensive as we can make it since trips to Hopkins, though in our 'backyard', are not easy to do with the boys being so young.
  • The boys would be cooperative and as easy to manage as 14 month olds can be so as to not cut our visit with Dr. Comi short.
  • There would be a good report to share with you after our visit.
  • We would continue to be faithful witnesses to the goodness and mercy of God on our lives and Judah's life.

I will try to post an entry by the week's end re: our time with Dr. Comi on Wednesday.


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