Monday, March 13, 2006

Glasses Purchased. Onto our Teeth.

After three mornings of taking the boys out to try on glasses (boy, was that test in patience and perseverance), we decided on a pair of glasses for Judah. It was quite a different experience finding glasses for Judah than it is finding glasses for Lawrence or myself.

We try on many pairs of glasses, and the ultimate deciding factor is appearance. Do I look good? :) For Judah, if we could get the glasses to stay on his face for even 2 seconds just to see if they fit, we were doing well. Appearance wasn't really a factor at all.

Do the glasses fit his head and eye size? Do the glasses have flexible rims and arms so as to make them as nearly indestructible as possible? And, finally, are these the most inexpensive pair we've looked at that match the other criteria as well? I can't even tell you what the glasses look like on Judah, but hopefully I will soon!

The glasses are ordered, and when they come in and Judah gets some practice wearing them, I'll see if I can post a photo for you to see my little cutie in his new specs.

This week, Judah and Tucker are going to the dentist. Judah hasn't yet had oral issues, but it's something we want to stay on top of as the PWS is present in his mouth, gums and tongue. He's got a full set of teeth and a beautiful smile that is unmatched by anyone in my opinion.

Please pray that:
  • the boys cooperate for the dentist visit, letting the hygenist clean their teeth and brush flouride on them.
  • the boys' teeth and gums look healthy, and mom leaves assured she's praciticing good oral hygeine with her boys.
  • our dentist, who is familiar with Sturge Weber Syndrome and works with kids with special dental needs, will anticipate and help us stave off any potential dental/oral problems Judah might have related to his SWS.


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