Monday, March 06, 2006

The Hunt is On!

Today I braved the first hunting trip alone with both boys in tow. The hunting trip is for Judah's glasses. I figured it wouldn't be easy; I didn't think I'd have both boys crying by the time it was all said and done. I thought it wasn't the most ideal situation to take them by myself, but knew there would be grace to remain patient and grateful.

We think we found one pair of glasses that might work for Judah, but I only went to one Optical Center. There is one more Optical Center I want to try that takes our insurance. Depending on prices there, I may try other places where our insurance is not accepted to see if by chance we can find anything less expensive even without our insurance discounts.

It may sound trivial, but we would appreciate your prayers for a pair of glasses for Judah. Fit is important. Durability is equally if not more important! Cost is a factor, too. These are the "little" things where God has consistently proven Himself faithful and gracious. While I can look at this hunt for glasses as an inconvenience, I would rather view it as an opportunity for God to enter our world, even in what may be a trivial thing: finding a pair of glasses.

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