Monday, June 05, 2006

Many Thanks

I just wanted to give a quick update on Judah accompanied by a long list of thanks.
Judah's stitches were removed last Wednesday. The incisions on his head looked pretty good, but the one on his belly opened up a bit when the Dr. removed the stitches. She placed butterflies on it, and I have kept a dressing on it since. So, my little man has still not had a bath, but we're doing our best to close up those wounds.

He's been a pleasant little guy and only occasionally shows signs of pain or discomfort from the incision on his belly. Lawrence and I have been amazed by how much he's back to normal. We've gone to a Litte league baseball game, been on walks, to the playground and storytime at the library, visited with friends and family and even went to church on Sunday. It was initially difficult for me to take Judah out in public as I was a bit overly sensitive to the bandages on his head, but after a couple of times, I don't feel as paranoid about it. I was even able to graciously respond to a little girl's inquiries about Judah at the playground yesterday.

While Judah has recovered better than we expected, I did not do so well. As I wrote in my last post, for the last week, I have been tempted and given into many of those temptations toward self-centeredness, self-pity, anger, despair. There may be a variety of reasons why I have felt especially vulnerable and weak spiritually, but I have not even had the energy to process through them. I just know that I have not been any sort of pillar of faith or walked in a steadfast manner, pleasing to the Lord.

Yesterday at church, this scripture from Isaiah was read, and I am grateful for its truth.
Isaiah 1:18
“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."

I am holding tightly to the truth that though my performance this past week has been less than exemplary and even worthy of God's judgement and wrath, He sees me covered in Christ's blood and therefore, perfectly righteous, spotless and without blemish or flaw. Thank you, Lord!

There have been many tangible evidences of God's mercy and kindness to me, even when I was being a wretch. The first is my husband.
Thank you, Lawrence, for faithfully sticking with me, for affirming your love for me over and over again, for being willing to endure my offenses and return evil with good.

Thank you:
  • Beth Young for making such a scrumptious meal and bringing just the right portion. Thanks for the balloons for the boys. They love 'em! AND, thank you for the incredibly thoughtful, creative and generous way to bless me with free pampered chef product. What a sweet treat for me and definitely an expression of God's awareness of me.
  • Emily Clancy for making a yummy meal, too. Thanks for hanging around for a couple of minutes to fill me in on your life and how I can be thinking and praying for someone outside myself!
  • Jo Powell for inviting me and the boys over for dinner on a night when Lawrence was coming home late. Thank you for taking on stress in your life in order to try to relieve stress in my life. You are a true friend, and an amazing cook. We LOVED the chicken parm.
  • De Neumann for just being you. God has gifted you, my friend, to serve and bless others. I won't even bother listing all the ways you have jumped into our lives and especially our crises with a willing heart and ready hands to bless us. We love you!!
  • Gretchen for your divinely timed phone call. Things have just been better since you called. I know a part of it was just your call, your encouragement and the hug I got through the phone, but I know more of it is your faithful prayers on my behalf. Love you so much and miss you greatly. I am storming Heaven's gates for you today, my friend, after hearing about Aaron.
  • Jim and Irene for the beautifully scripted card.
  • Laurie and Jason for being willing to be in the "pit" with us as much as you are able.
  • So many at church who asked how Judah is doing and told us that you've been praying for us. We are so blessed by your love and care for us.

I'm certain I've left someone out. Please forgive me. Execution is very less than perfect these days. This week, we are gearing up to head out of town for Lawrence's brother's wedding.
He is marrying a gal from Illinois, and so we will be flying with the boys out to Chicago and then driving about 3 hrs. from there to arrive in Lincoln, IL, Friday for the rehearsal. We would sincerely covet your prayers. I was apprehensive about flying with the boys before Judah's surgery. I'm tempted to be even moreso since Judah's surgery. Please pray most of all that I will graciously serve my family and that the boys will do amazingly well, better than we could imagine, with the traveling and all the events of the weekend. They will be ring bearers in the wedding. Pray they cooperate and are a blessing to our family. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness ring bearers...what a treat! You all are brave indeed. I think it will be wonderful. I hope the change in scenery and all the activity will be a balm to your souls. God is so good to meet us exactly where we are. What a tangible evidence of God's love your friends are! You are blessed and I pray for Judah's continued recovery. Love ya, Gretchen

Jen Clemmer said...

Hope that you have safe traveling this coming week to the wedding!! Take lots of pictures of the boys!! They will be great ring bearers!! Praying for some relaxation during this weekend for you guys!! You all definitely need some good R and R!
Love ya,

peg said...

if there wasn't a post today I was gong to call..glad to hear the update and hope to talk soon! praying for your trip to be blessed in every way!
love you!

Danielle said...

Wow, you have a busy weekend, I'll be praying for you! Especially for the plane trip!

Anonymous said...

How is it going dear friend. In my day dream life, I am a helper/grandmother and I travel to other people's houses and help with their little ones. In my real life, I pray for you all instead. Love, Gretchen (Ok, so I posted twice...any rules against that???)

Beth Chase said...

Bri, In all the chaos of travel, I pray that you and Lawrence will be able to enjoy your weekend away from home. I bet the boys will look so cute as ringbearers! Good to hear that Judah is coming along with his recovery & that it was a successful operation.
Love, Beth