Friday, June 16, 2006

We're Back

Actually, we've been back since Sunday evening, but have been too busy or too tired to write an update. The weekend was a success in many ways; albeit one of the most stressful, exhausting weekends of my life. There were no accidents, and we all remained fairly healthy. Our luggage was not lost, stolen or damaged. We were not lost, stolen or damaged (except for a little mental damage perhaps!) :) And, even though it was with lollipop in hand, the boys did walk down the aisle for Sam and Kate's wedding. I think we might have gotten a few pictures with the boys, and I'll try to post them once I have them developed.

Judah has been doing well with his recovery. His incisions are healing, though they don't look too pretty. The one on his belly is doing very well, so thank you for your prayers.

This week has been one of recovery mostly. Lawrence has been very busy with work, as there was much he had to catch up on from the time out with Judah's surgery and then again for the wedding. I've just been trying to get us back into a bit of a normal routine (whatever that looks like for us over here), and catching up on loads of laundry.

Next week, Lawrence and I are going away to Dallas, God willing. He has a class for 3 days, and I am just joining him. While we'll only have our evenings together, that's more than we typically have at home. And, I will enjoy a much needed respite from the demands of caring for two toddler boys, though I'm sure I will miss them sorely. They will have the opportunity to "play" with both sets of grandparents as both my mom and dad and Lawrence's mom and dad will be helping to care for them while we're gone. Thanks!!!

A couple other thanks:
  • Jeff and Sarah Cole (with two "twin" baby girls of their own at home): Jeff, thanks for coming to mow our lawn on Sunday and for further helping Lawrence get our mower fixed. What a blessing you are to our family. And, thanks Sarah, for releasing him. I know it is no small thing to release your hubby to help someone else.
  • "the girls": Heather, Beth Y., Emily C., and Jennifer L, for asking me to hang with ya'll one evening this week. It fell at the end of one of the tougher days for me emotionally, and your company was good medicine. Thanks for making me laugh so hard! And, thanks, Beth, for thinking up and making these nights happen for the rest of us!

I know many of you pray for us in an ongoing fashion and not just when things get "intense" around here (which feels more often than not). We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us. We know that you and your prayers are a major means of God's grace to us. Thank you!

We are trying to take June off from dr's appts. I say "trying" b/c there are a couple of appts. for me, but these are appts. that have been rescheduled numerous times or pushed off for much too long. So, we're taking June off for Judah's appts. to catch up with mine, I guess. Come July, there will be a few appointments for Judah, and I'll be sure to let you know so that you can pray. Until then, maybe I'll take some time to post pictures of my cuties. They're getting so big, so fast.


Anonymous said...

So glad to read your news... I don't think I know where the wedding was. Enjoy your time away, it is hard to get ready, but good for different scenery. You will be back before you know it! You are often in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Gretchen

Zoanna said...

Aw, you are gonna LOVE your 3 days away. I remember getting a short, much-needed vacation like that to Florida (he won the trip) when our olders were 3,2 and 10 mos. This will be so good for you and Lawrence. For you, some time to yourself, and for both of you to have hubby/wifey time uninterrupted (we pray). I'm THRILLED for you!!!Praise the Lord!!!

Danielle said...

Enjoy your time in Dallas!

Jen Clemmer said...

Have a wonderful time in Dallas!! This is time that you and Lawrence well deserve and need!!! Rest, Read, Eat, and just enjoy each other!! We'll be thinking and praying for you guys and the boys! I'm sure all the grandparents are going to eat up this time with Judah and Tucker.

Love ya,

Suzanne said...

If you haven't already left for Dallas, make sure you check out The Six Floor Museum. It's in the old book depository where Kennedy was supposedly shot. It's quite an amazing museum. We went there planning to stay an hour and were there for over 3 hours.