Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To Dallas and Back Home Again

Our trip to Dallas has come and gone. We left under a cloud of stress, but returned home refreshed and very excited to see our boys again. The boys got sick with a cold the day before we flew out to Dallas, and I was very nervous about leaving them. But, my husband, a bit more objective about the situation, persisted that I go with him. And, our parents were wonderfully courageous and gracious, as they were left with instructions for the nebulizer machine and a spreadsheet to keep track of all the boys' medicines. They took excellent care of our boys, and told us they had a good time doing it, too. Thanks Abuelos. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

Lawrence returned to an avalanche of work. It seems since Judah's surgery back at the end of May that he hasn't quite been able to catch up. Please pray for him as he seeks to be diligent to complete his work. And, you can pray for us at home, too. It's not easy to release Lawrence to work overtime when I so long for his company and help at home. We trust that God is for us, though, and that His grace will see us through this season.

I just spent the afternoon on the phone with our doctors. Things are gearing up again, and July looks like it will be a month full of appointments. Most of them are follow-ups for Judah, but I have a couple myself. I'll keep you updated as to the specific nature of Judah's appointments, but for now, I'd like to post a few pictures of my cuties. As soon as I get the pictures developed from Sam and Kate's wedding, I'll try to post some of them, too.



Sarah Z. said...

Aww, cute pictures!

I was wondering if I can come over again soon and help you out for a day? With no job in site anytime soon, I'm free to help. If I don't hear from you in the next few days, I'll give you a call. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays are almost always open all day, Tuesdays are open until about 5, and every other Wednesdays are open until 6. So, yeah, I have a really empty schedule just waiting to be filled up.

Sorry I can't babysit tomorrow night. I felt so bad turning down an offer AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Bri, what sweet pictures! btw, I love your haircut - it really suits you! The boys look so big! Can't believe they're on the brink of being 2!!!! (then again, I can't believe my baby is going to be in kindergarten!) Good to hear that you had a safe trip. Time away can be so therapeutic!

Love, Beth

Zoanna said...

Adorable pictures and I just love the one of Papi w/ the boys on each side. I think hand in hand shots are absolutely precious. So glad you got away, and gave in to your hub's pleading to leave the little ones, cold or no cold. Whenever I balk at leaving one w/ my parents (the only living sets of grandparents my kids have) my mom says, "I HAVE raised four of my own to adulthood, ya know." Soak in the pleasant memories. I am not surprised SArah already offered her services. That's my girl.

Danielle said...

Glad you returned refreshed! And those are great pictures! I love the family one and Lawrence with the boys!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, they look wonderful. Judah really looks so much "improved" since last I saw y'all (how does one phrase that!) Especially, the wild hair picture.... Once again, you and Emily are living parallel lives. Just tonight James was working until late and tomorrow and probably Monday and Tuesday, the fourth. Long, lonely days. We are going down this weekend, and they are hopefully going to get to come to Pittsburgh/Indiana on the 7th & 8th for a family wedding. They haven't been here since March I think. I am always thinking of you. Love, Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Remember my offer for dinner?! Let me kmow. I am having some medical stuff this month as well. I e-mailed you about it,but I would love to serve you guys anyway I can. We NEED to get together.
Donna B