Monday, July 24, 2006

Developmentally on Track

Our appointment with Sue from the Infants & Toddlers program went very well. It was actually very encouraging to hear her assessment of Judah's development. She felt very comfortable with his cognitive skills and commended his verbal development. The only area of potential need was his fine motor skills, but this was not a surprise to me. I have observed that Judah is not as able or motivated to apply himself with tasks that require greater attention to his fine motor skills. Sue and I both agreed, though, that is probably more an issue of motivation than ability for Judah.

As compared to Tucker, Judah seems behind, and even according to the 'charts', he is about 2 months behind. But, it isn't a gross delay, and after submitting Judah to several kinds of tests and talking with me about my observations, we both concluded that Judah is not in need of ongoing services right now. Sue is going to be sending me some exercises and activities I can use with Judah to try to help him grow in this area and will check back with us in several months. Overall, I was grateful for her professional assessment which indicated that God truly has been merciful to my son, sparing him of the developmental delays seen in many SWS kids.

This week, Judah will have a routine EEG and neuro. eval. There will be yet another new person administering the test, hopefully one who is good with children, and there are also new guidelines for the EEG. They would like Judah to sleep for at least a portion of the test. So, please pray that they will get an acceptable EEG from Judah and that it will again indicate no concerns for any brain involvement of the SWS.

The boys are both fighting some congestion that just seems to linger. Would you please pray that they will completely heal of this soon so that they can play with their buddies once again?


Anonymous said...

Oh, so glad to read your news about your evaluation. Several answers to prayer there! COntinuing to pray for you and the boys and the new Almengor...another example of his mercy. Love, Gretchen

Jen Clemmer said...

Good News! I really enjoyed seeing you, Lawrence, and the boys. Whatever is going around is really hanging on. Brad's been hoarse and coughing a bit. Take care of yourself!!! Rest when you can!!! Love, Jen

Danielle said...

Great news!

Suzanne said...

Isn't it nice to get a good "developmentally on-track" report. Since our boys were preemies, we had to go to a high risk clinic for about a year and a half for evaluations.

Zoanna said...

I'm so glad you got an encouraging report from the expert. I'm sure your 24/7 TLC has been a huge factor.