Monday, July 17, 2006

Judah is Growing Up

Thank you to all who faithfully pray for our little man, Judah. This past Wednesday at his eye dr's appointment, he sat through nearly the entire exam without crying. It was amazing. I felt like I had a different son. We've never made it through any dr's exam without him crying, let alone screaming and thrashing about, wiggling out of my arms. Dr. Abrams was able to get a really good look at his eyes. The swelling on the optic nerves has come down significantly which is a sign that the shunt is doing its job. Thank you, Lord!!

Today, I had to take the boys to the pediatrician as both of them came down with something over the weekend: fever, congestion, and very cranky. Again, Judah sat still and quietly endured the entire exam. His brother didn't do so well, but I guess he hasn't had quite as much practice. It appears both boys are fighting some sort of virus that hopefully will work itself out of their systems soon.

We learned at our appointment today that our pediatrician, Dr. Beck, who we love, is leaving the office in Bel Air to have her own practice at a 'sister' office in Ellicott City. We've had to say goodbye to two other medical care providers of Judah's, and it is always difficult to do so. Because we rely so much upon their care and because Judah's medical needs are so varied and unusual, it is always a test of my faith in God's goodness to see another one leave.

Please pray that I will resolve in my heart to believe God is good no matter what and will trust that He will show His goodness to us in tangible ways, even through the provision of a new pediatrician.

Also, tomorrow morning, a woman from Harford County's division of Infants and Toddlers is coming to the house to observe Judah. He qualifies for an evaluation and potentially services because his syndrome is one that can involve developmental delays.

Please pray that Sue, the woman observing/evaluating Judah, will see all that she needs to see from Judah and that God will give her special discernment to determine whether or not Judah needs any sort of early intervention. Also, pray that I will guard my heart once again to not fear the worst or jump to conclusions about Judah's future should there be evidence of delays, etc.

Thanks so much for caring for our family and carrying us on your hearts through your prayers.


Danielle said...

So glad the shunt is working!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are loosing your pediatrician. That is so hard, esp. when the relationship is good. I think the evaluation will probably be quite helpful/scary...some folks in our church received services when their 4 yr. old was worked out very well, very helpful and another child in the family also "piggybacked" along for services. Mary B. is the best one to talk with about these kinds of things...she is very, very good. I completely understand your fears and will pray accordingly. Another day, another hurdle, another chance to grow in faith. Did we ever think it would be so difficult? We are off to Lancaster tomorrow after our respective days...can't wait to see them all. It has been five days you know!!! (I will call you soon, so far I can talk to almost no one I know w/out crying...called Donna McK. this AM brief and we both ended up crying. But she understood...I know everyone is out there...I just can't connect presently...I know you understand too). Gigi

Alivia's Momma said...

I am so terrible about posting comments and that is the one thing I always want everyone else to do... Sorry. I will try to be more faithful. Isn't it amazing how much our little ones are growing up? Good for Judah! I know what a relief and joy it is when they don't react negatively to doctors. Just makes the whole ordeal so much easier. I am always so excited when Liv doesn't cry when she gets measured...kind of the test for how the whole visit will go. Why is getting measured so scary anyway? Love you and I'm very selfishly pray you have a baby girl. Cause then our girls could be buddies. (I'm also pray this is a great pregnancy and that you are able to really enjoy it)

Zoanna said...

Yippee. Judah is really maturing. The way he shook my hand the other day was downright precocious. If he has developmental delays, it's certainly not in manners! Good job, Bri!

I'll be praying about the ped. Can Dr. Beck give a recommendation of someone who practices within a doable radius mile-wise and would possibly have special knowledge of SWS? Perhaps Craig could help you find someone?

Anonymous said...

Praise God the shunt is working!!! Sorry about your Dr. God will provide someone for Judah and for you. He has placed you in faithful hands thus far. I will be praying for you. Hope Lawrence had a great day I left him a happy b-day on your other blog.

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