Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This Week's Follow-up

Hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July. We attended a picnic our church hosted in the afternoon, took the boys out for icecream and spent the evening relaxing as a family. We opted out of going to see fireworks this year as it would have been much past the boys' bedtime, and I thought it might frighten them a little still this year. Maybe next year!!

This week, Judah will have his follow up appointment with Dr. Carson. I'm not sure if it'll be Dr. Carson himself who looks at him or his P.A., Anne, who is great, too. Either way, Judah's incisions look like they're healing well, to me anyway. The one on top of his head has some gauze or something sticking out of it. It's not very noticeable; it's just a little odd as I'm wondering if the skin closed over it and part of it is sticking out of his head on top. So, I'm definitely asking about that. Also, I'm hoping to find out how often we'll be needing to have Judah receive CT scans and other follow up procedures to make sure the shunt is functioning properly.

I'm going to try taking both of the boys with me to the appointment, hoping they'll get us in and out that way. You can pray that the boys will cooperate, that Tucker won't freak out about the elevators and Judah won't freak out when he sees the "white coats". :)

You can also take another opportunity to thank God with us for the amazing means of grace that Hopkins and all of its doctors have been to us. Thank God especially for Dr. Carson and his team who so skillfully performed brain surgery on my son. Take a second and pray for Dr. Carson. He is a Christian, and God has used him to bring healing to so many. Pray that God would continue to guide his skillful hands and bring healing to many others through his hands.


Danielle said...

Aww, I bet little Judah feels like he's seen enough of the "white coats!" I'll be praying the appointment goes well.

Jen Clemmer said...

Thinking and praying for you today!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, who did God use before the white coats. I am so grateful for these folks and their knowledge. They are tools in God's hands. I hope the appt. goes well, two boys, good ploy! You are an example of taking each day by itself and making it good to the Lord (of course, you would humbly disagree...but look how far you have come in almost two years!!!) I am getting a tiny taste of our lives with Livi and her process, each day has mana of its own. Love you guys, Gretchen