Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Always Something

The boys seemed to recover from their colds more quickly this round than ever in the past. It has me wondering if they were really colds. I am suspecting that the boys may have seasonal allergies, but there's not really any concrete way to test them at their age. So, we'll wait and try to treat symptomatically. Because the boys' congestion cleared up around the 9th day, we were able to spend some time with friends which was an unexpected treat as I was ready for isolation for two weeks.

Judah and I went to Hopkins on Friday for his CT Scan, and he did rather well with it. He still screamed as he has in the past, but it took him a little longer before he did. We actually made it all the way into the room and onto the table before he started to scream. I couldn't be in the room with him due to my pregnancy, so that was a little hard for me and I'm sure, Judah, too. We haven't heard about results, but I'm hopeful that everything is working as it should with his shunt.

This week, I had a couple dr's appointments, and we planned several play dates as well. Today, however, Tucker seems to be struggling with some asthma symptoms again. I'm rather puzzled by it all. He was up several times throughout the night, coughing from what I assumed was a post nasal drip running down the back of his throat. I wondered if it might be his 2 year molars coming through as I've noticed him sucking on his fingers which he never does. I was fairly confident this morning that it was his teeth and not another cold until he started wheezing again. So, out came the nebulizer machine again, and treatments are being doled out liberally.

I'd appreciate your prayers for healing, of course, for Tucker, but also for wisdom for Lawrence and me to know how to best serve our children with what may be allergies and ongoing asthma complications. We haven't really taken too many steps to "clear the air" so to speak in our home by having our vents professionally cleaned and buying air purifiers, buying special covers for their beds and pillows or trying different detergents. There's a long list of things a person can do to help those afflicted with asthma. There's typically cost involved in all of them. But, then again, we're spending money to buy their prescriptions. So, we need wisdom to know what avenues to pursue. And, ultimately, we have to trust God with the well-being of our children.

I'd appreciate prayer for ongoing stamina, too, as pregnancy just doesn't seem to wear well on me. I won't go into all the minor annoyances I've endured health-wise. It just seems that my body shuts down when I'm pregnant and/or nursing young babies. Some days, it becomes quite a mental challenge to stay on top of all our (the boys and mine) medicines or other recommendations our doctors have made to bring greater measures of health and well being to our bodies.

On a positive note, the baby appears to be doing well. I've had a couple visits with my midwives in between my scheduled visits for some "issues". While I'd rather not see the midwives more than once a month, it has given me the opportunity each time to hear that reassuring heart beat, and it sounds strong. I am hoping to have another sonogram in a couple weeks and to find out the gender then. If we do, we'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf. We are assured even in this busy season filled with daily grievances big and small, that God's love and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Briana I received an encouraging card today telling me that God is ALWAYS faithful, merciful and loving towards us...as He cannot be any other way. How simple the wording and how astounding the belief. Our mercy today was Livi only got up twice last night...congestion issues also. But with underlying illness, you second guess everything. I hope your answers will be on their way soon, and that God will grant you grace while you wait. Easy to say to you, but I struggle with it just about every minute. As we love these little ones, God loves us even more. I cannot comprehend this, and realize I need to ask for the ability to love Him at all.
I read in Spurgeon today about "Jesus wept", and basically it gave me permission to weep also. How refreshing to know that Christ grieved over a friend too. Thinking of you always, will keep you in prayer. Take it easy...you have a lot on your plate! Gretchen