Sunday, August 20, 2006

Breathing is a Good Thing

My title comes from a fresh appreciation for the ability to breathe. Instead of a CT Scan on Friday, I was attempting to get Judah's asthma under control. He and Tucker both had cold symptoms by Tuesday of this past week, and by Thursday, I was in our pediatrician's office getting some recommendations for Tucker's apparent struggle to breathe. He has only had one other asthma episode, and ironically, it was this time last year. Both boys had pneumonia, and our doctor felt the asthma was a result of that.

Tucker has had colds in between last August and this, but not any asthma complications again until now. We have not been so fortunate with Judah, as he struggled with asthma with almost every cold he got over the last year.

They are both breathing much better today, after pumping their systems with various medications. Tucker's was managed with just the Nebulizer treatments, but Judah had to go on an oral steroid to finally get his under control. Of all the various medical issues we've had with the boys, the asthma has probably been the most stressful and anxiety producing. I'm grateful, though, that at this point, we do have enough history with it to know better how and when to respond and what works for the boys. Thank you, Lord, for medicine!!

So, my week has mostly been spent wiping snotty noses, administering nebulizer treatments, giving Tylenol in the middle of the night and comforting sick, little boys. I imagine I'll be somewhat isolated for another week yet until the boys completely recover, but I'm grateful that they are at least breathing today!! I'll take just a plain old cold over asthma any day.

Judah's CT Scan was pushed to this Friday, so we'd again appreciate your prayers for this. Thanks.


Karen Hevesy said...

It seems you and I had the same week. I was at the doctor's 4 times last week. Ethan has been wheezing terribly and Alex has pneumonia. We go to the doctor's for the 5th time today to rerun Alex's chest x-ray. There has got to be something going around, my boys are usually not sick in the summer.

Beth said...

Aww, I've missed seeing you guys. Hope your boys get better soon.

Beth Chase said...

Asthma at that age can be exhausting, and on the parent, too! Emma was that age when we were doing the whole nebulizer thing. btw, we have one at our house along with albuterol - one less thing to pack, right? If you want to talk treatments, Tommy will talk you right into a coma on this subject. Ask the doctor, ask God, and google the subject away! I know you!!! We both love your boys to pieces & want to see them as healthy as possible. Hope they are feeling better soon and that you can get a good night's rest somewhere in there. Love you, Beth