Monday, August 14, 2006

CT Scan

Just a quick post to say everything went better than expected for our trip to West Virginia. It was so wonderful to be able to see my husband and for the boys, their Papi, in the middle of the week. It would have been a long week without seeing him. Our hosts, Tommy and Beth Chase, were wonderful to us as usual. We had a great time with you and look forward to seeing you again soon!! (PS...Lawrence is scheduled to do another WV trip early fall, so you may be seeing more of us than you ever dreamed!)

The boys' truck birthday party went really well, too. We had absolutely beautiful weather for the day and both my family and Lawrence's family pitched in to help in so many ways that we didn't anticipate which made the whole thing so much less stressful for me. Other friends also helped out by making some of the yummy food we ate, and all the kids looked like they were having a lot of fun. I will try to post some pictures from the party soon.

This week, Judah has a follow up CT Scan for his head. This is to follow up on the brain surgery he had in May. It will show if the excess fluid is draining properly through the shunt as is hoped. I'm still trying to decide how to manage this appointment as it is discouraged for pregnant women to be in the room for the actual scan. I actually was in the room for two of Judah's scans back in May when I was first pregnant but didn't know it, and everything was fine. I also haven't decided what to do with Tucker yet. So, I would appreciate your prayers regarding this appointment, not only for the logistics as usual, but also that the test will show Judah's shunt to be working properly.

As always, thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Good to see your post. I check faithfully on Monday's...and sometimes hoping for something in between. Well, the word is out, and I am sure you will get lots of suggestions/offers for this next scan. How great to hear of your visit to the Chase's...must have been a wild house for a few days. Miss you and are praying for "y'all". We have been to Lancaster each week and will go again this Wedsnesday for Thursday's appointment. I know you too are praying for Livi and family. Gretchen

Danielle said...

Glad your trip went well and you got away to relax and have fun. Will be praying everything gets worked out for the CT scan.