Monday, October 09, 2006

Laser Treatment

I've had so many thoughts for a post here in the last couple of weeks, many prompted by the sufferings of others, some who are so dear to my heart, some of whom I don't even know. But, mothering toddler twin boys and being pregnant with our third has sapped me of the brain cells required to put together a thoughtful, encouraging post.

So, instead, I'm writing again, after a couple weeks hiatus, to let ya'll know about an upcoming appointment. Judah is scheduled to have a laser treatment this Friday. We have not done a laser treatment for several months, and I am tempted to be rather anxious about it. At best, I am not looking forward to it at all.

Please pray:
  • Tucker will sleep well for his sitter and be pleasant and obedient to her when he wakes up. He is staying with a friend who has two boys of her own under 3 and a newborn baby girl.
  • Judah will allow us to apply the numbing cream to his face without too much fuss or thrashing about.
  • Judah will fall asleep and have a little bit of a nap before he goes for his treatment.
  • The laser treatment would go quickly and smoothly, and be effective while leaving minimal bruising/blisters.
  • All insurance matters would be squared away before Friday.

Thanks for continuing on with us in this journey through your prayers.


Beth Young said...

Aww. I will be definitely praying for you and little peanut.

Zoanna said...

I'll pray, too. I was thinking today at Bible study how much compassion God is filling little Judah with through his suffering. He may even become a doctor someday, or a counselor, full of empathy because of the things he has been called to endure. He will be much more sensitive to the pain of others (probably already is) that the 'average" man. More perceptive of feelings, quicker to offer real comfort that people know is genuine, an understanding that makes him easy to trust. I have seen your faith grow by kangaroo hops over the past 2 years. I"m sure God is building Judah's trust, too. This treatment, too, shall pass, and God will be the same God you can thank and trust.

Kate said...

I love how Zoanna said it...."God will be the same God you can thank and trust". What a perfect reminder of how He will hold Judah in His hands, as He has done many times before! I will be praying, friend! For you and for our little guy....Keep us posted! What time is the appointment?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I will defintely pray for you and your family tomorrow as Judah is having his treatment.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what Emily's blog for Alivia is by chance?
~ Your sis Kb