Monday, October 30, 2006

What a Trooper!

Last week's EEG went rather well in most respects. Judah was such a trooper, not crying and sitting incredibly well through a rather lengthy process of securing all the electrodes to his head for his EEG. I probably was more impatient with the technician administering the EEG than Judah was! I wish I could post the picture I have of Judah on my phone. His head was wrapped in two rolls of gauze, secured with two rolls of medical tape. It was definitely overkill on the securing of the electrodes. Nevertheless, Judah managed to fall asleep nearly on cue, probably due to the sheer weight of his poor head! And, I believe the tech. was satisfied with the test. I will probably hear about the results this week.

As for Judah's neuro. eval., the main concern raised was his growth. After measuring Judah, it became clear that further follow up is necessary. I agreed to have him weighed and measured in another three months and go from there. The potential is that Judah will have to go through some tests to determine if there is a growth hormone deficiency. The tests involve bloodwork, an x-ray of his hand, and some other test that stimulates his pituitary gland to release growth hormone. The treatment for growth hormone deficiency is to receive shots of growth hormone. How frequently? I don't know. How much? I don't know. I have chosen not to worry about those things until I have to. I'm not really all that excited about the possibility of having to subject Judah to yet one more thing, let alone the unknown side effects of receiving injections of growth hormone.

Please pray that Judah will grow sufficiently in the next three months, particularly in his height, and that there will be no need to even have the growth hormone tests done.

Tuesday, I am taking Judah for a follow up opthamological exam. He has been doing much better sitting for these exams. Pray that he will sit well for this exam and that Dr. Abrams will see all she needs to see with no reason for concern. This may sound strange, but because I know the staff will be dressed up for Halloween (no ugly, scary costumes...just kid friendly costumes; I've already asked), pray that Judah will not be scared or alarmed by their costumes and make our visit ineffective.

Finally, you can always pray for Tucker's sitter. My friend, Marie, will be watching Tucker tomorrow, and she already has two toddlers of her own with a third baby due in December! I have GREAT friends, but I always want to ask others to be praying for God to bless them as they serve me and my family tirelessly with these doctors appointments.

Thanks again for your prayers, and I will be sure to update next Monday if not before on how the eye appointment goes for us tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

God bless you guys. Again, the trains are stopping at the same station! A great many of the staff at Hershey today dressed in costumes. Livi herself wore her chicken costume. She was so CUTE. There was candy and food, etc., quite a festive atmosphere. She tolerated the whole thing quite well; except for entering a new office to be weighed, etc., at which point she got so upset she threw up! She had been weighed and measured two days ago, and I really don't think changed much...however, we have to "document". They also talked about her lack of growth... so much to digest today. But it was a gorgeous day outside and we left and she had her bottle in the parking lot, and was happy to get in her car seat surrounded by her "friends" (e.g. stuffed animals) and was waving bye-bye. This is normal to her, two trips to the clinic a week, having blood draws, etc. But we are indeed thankful for the technology. Looks like the transplant won't take place until after the holidays...unless God intervenes before then. So the point of this endless email is that I will pray for your darling Judah, and hope you will be spared any more hardships. I know how your heart breaks to have to submit him to one more test, etc. Love you much, Gretchen P.S. What a blessing your friends are! An "ever present help in times of trouble".

amanda joy said...

Briana, I am definitely praying. And thank you for taking time out of your day to comment regarding a personal retreat. I truly appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

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