Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Laser Routine

Another laser treatment for Judah is quickly approaching: this Friday! I have yet to arrange for a sitter and am actually debating whether to try to take Tucker with us this time. He has never gone, but I'm wondering if he might be ready to see what his brother goes through as the two of them "play" laser treatment here at home quite often.

Judah is understandably upset when he realizes it's a laser treatment day, and always asks not to be taken, but is a champ the minute it's over and relishes in the fact that he gets a sprinkle donut afterwards!

So, not wanting to take it for granted, I am again asking for your prayers for our little family. It is our "normal" life, but I never want to think I've arrived at the place where I can handle it apart from God's grace as it then becomes quickly clear that I cannot! :)

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Anonymous said...

Will be praying. What a brave little guy.