Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tucker funnies

There are days I can't write things down fast enough because my boys say the funniest stuff.

The boys really wanted to eat bananas out on the deck the other day, so I bundled them up in 3 layers and sent them outside. I took care of some laundry and when I came back, Tucker was without his banana. I inquired, "Tucker, where's your banana?"
Tucker: "The birds will eat it, mom."

I knew then that he had chucked it over the deck railing.


Yesterday, the boys' Abuela (Lawrence's mom) came to stay with the kids while I had a doctor's appointment and ran some errands. She has a habit of bringing small containers of applesauce with her when she comes to visit. The boys love applesauce and look forward to having their own container of it when she comes. She was getting ready to leave and Tucker said, "Abuela, can you come another day and bring applesauce with you for me?"
I sought to instruct him that it's rude to ask others to bring things for oneself when they come, that Abuela brings the applesauce to bless them, but when they ask for it, it takes the blessing away from Abuela.
Tucker's response to my instruction: "Abuela, can you come another day and bless me?"

I think he missed the point!


The squirrels love to skip around on our deck, and the boys are always fascinated by them while they eat their breakfast in the morning. This morning we were watching a squirrel, and it ran quickly away when Tucker approached the window. I asked Tucker, "Where did the squirrel go, Tucker?"
Tucker: "It went to find its nuts."

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zz said...

OH, man, I'm dying of laughter. Will you come another day and bless me? That is so sweet, too? What grandmom could resist that???
I love how kids chuck their unwanted food to animals in the name of generosity or whatever. Joel has seen me chuck food scraps over the deck rail into the garden so many times as I say, "The soil loves that!" or "the birds or squirrels are gonna thank me". He almost did that with half a hamburger and a plate of chips once. I think Paul caught it in mid-air and said, "oh no ya don't!"