Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weirdo Here

Funny...I was praying about what to do with my kiddos' naptime today. A few thoughts of what I wanted to do: take a nap, throw in some laundry, make my hubby chocolate chipless cookies (yes, he likes them without the chocolate chips...he's the weird one!), read a book, work on my daughter's birthday party plans, etc. But, then I hopped over to "Ordinary Mother" and knew I had my answer: write a blog post with 7 weird things about myself. Ahh, yes...the divine does speak through Laurie Reyes...(actually, I do believe that to be true, but in this instance I'm being very sarcastic). :0

So, because I cannot disappoint my dear friend, here are 7 (am I limited to 7?) weird things about myself:

1. I LOVE the smell of my boys' breaths when they wake up from their naps.

2. I LOVE watching QVC...seriously, I will say to my hubby at night before we go to bed, "Can I just go downstairs quickly and get my QVC fix?"

3. I love to run and even moreso if hills are involved. In fact, if it was possible, I would have only uphills and no downhills.

4. I have this thing for pain some would say> I was nearly distraught when my midwives were pressuring me to have an epidural in place for the delivery of my twins (which I didn't comply to and ended up with a spinal instead for my emergency c-section with them). If at all possible, I will choose not to be put under anesthesia for a procedure just so I can know what they're doing to me. I've had a novicaine shot into my eye rather than being put under and was so close to asking my midwife what the doctor was doing procedurally during my c-section. **For those of you who have never seen a C-section or had one, they place a sheet at your mid-section so you can't see what they're doing...this killed me during mine because I was so curious. I think the only thing that kept me from asking was when I saw smoke arising from behind the sheet and I thought, "hmmm, maybe I don't want to know." Later, I did ask my midwife and she obliged me by telling me step by step what really happens during a C-section.

5. I must have my bedsheets straightened and tight in order to go to sleep at night. There have been times I have actually woken up my husband because the sheets had gotten all "sloppy" and I couldn't sleep.

6. I have to have the toilet paper coming from the top of the roll. I have actually turned the toilet paper around at other people's houses if it's put on with the paper coming from the bottom of the roll.

7. I would actually get a thrill out of being left home alone to clean all day.

I tag Melanie L. (because I know you have sooo much time on your hands), Lydia E. (even though you don't have a me your list and I'll post it here if you're okay with that. I'm thinking you'd have a pretty good list), Jessi and Jen Brewer.


Anonymous said...

What was the link for the blog you wanted me to check out?

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you about #5!! Josh can finding it annoying sometimes, but I cannot be at rest unless the sheets are straightened. Really. Totally weird.

Anonymous said...

Do you get the same charge of being let alone to clean other people's homes? If so, I'll let you have at it, and then double your reward by letting you run up all the UPhills in our neighborhood.

Becoming a Morrison said...

Thanks for the tag...weirdo.

Sacha said...

I do the toilet paper thing too!! : ) BUT you do save alot of money doing it the other way (ask John Pirog!)

Jessi said...

I'll post my weirdness soon...too sick with fever & chills and the moment...

Anonymous said...

You can change my t-paper roll anytime...LOL

Anonymous said...

no wonder my i've been running out of toilet paper so fast lately!