Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Special People in Our Lives

Thank you, Jessica, for sending the lovely Valentine's gift arrived at my door tonight. It included a shortbread mix, so I decided to make cookies with the boys while my hubby continues to rest upstairs trying to recover from this miserable flu. The boys were, needless to say, very excited to make cookies. Our conversation ensued as follows:

Me: "Boys, do you want to make some cookies together?"

Boys: "YES!!!!"

Me: "Okay, we're going to make some cookies for some special people in our lives. Is there anybody you'd really like to make cookies for to show them how much you love them?"

Tucker: "Yes....ME!"


FishMama said...

Yeah! So glad it arrived in a timely manner. I hope they're good cookies. You'll have to have Tucker report back. Cute little guy!

zz said...

That's usually who I make cookies for!

Danielle said...

I understand. I make most desserts for my own enjoyment too, ha ha! :) Sounds like you all are feeling better.

Kristin said...

Haha...a boy after my own heart! Hope you're all feeling better!

Jessi said...

They're not that different from us - just more honest! (Don't we all want to make dessert so that we can eat it!?!?)