Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's Funny What We'll Thank God For...

At the Almengor's tonight, it was for pee in a cup and tiny red spots on Bella's trunk and back indicating, we hope, a viral rash of some sort. We thought Bella did better through the night last night. Though up several times throughout the night, crying and obviously cranky, we thought she felt cooler than the previous four nights and thus, didn't take her temperature. I was hopeful that the fevers were gone. But, this morning when I took her temperature, it was 101, a sign that the fevers were still here.

The pediatrician checked in with us today, though, and said even though she had a fever, it's lower than it's been and that's a good sign. He said the viruses he's been seeing have had fevers that trail off toward the end rather than stop all of a sudden. And, the faint rash on Bella's body is a good sign as well of a virus.

We also managed to get a urine sample from Bella tonight, so we can have that tested for a bladder infection if it's still unclear as to whether or not she has a virus. The girl has tonight to show us it's just a virus by getting through the night and waking tomorrow a.m. without fevers. If she does, I think our ped. will conclude it was just a virus and not take a blood sample. Otherwise, she'll have to get some bloodwork done tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers. It's crazy how consuming children's illnesses can be of one's energy and focus. But, we have felt God's grace helping us to trust Him with the unknowns of our little girl's health and to live our life while waiting on His timing to make things clear.


Anonymous said...

Ronan and I will continue to pray for you all. Praise God that it appears that Bella is almost "out of the woods".

Anonymous said...

Everytime I pray that Duncan's fever ends, I pray for Bella. So, I've been praying for her a lot! I wonder if they have the same thing?

Megan said...

Briana - We will keep you in prayers as you have been so faithful in praying for our family! Thank you so much for your encouragement to Jen and Dave and our family through this time with Sarah. What a good friend you are!
BLessings on you.
Meg Brewer

Anonymous said...

have they ruled out chicken pox? Seems my kids had all the symptoms of it before they broke out. Manna H at church has them badly. I remember burning up w/ fever myself but don't recall if it was before or during the breakout of pox.