Friday, May 09, 2008

Just a Virus

Funny how the threat of something more serious can make one grateful for a virus. Bella broke out in a definite rash today, confirmed by the pediatrician because it was rather faint and scant on her neck and trunk. It's not the chicken pox. Her fevers have come down to more normal ranges as well. SO, the ped. is pretty convinced it was "just" a virus. The test on her urine was normal which was also a relief.

Thanks for your prayers for our little girl and for us this week in particular. We are heading to PA to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom this weekend. For all the moms who read here, Happy Mother's Day. May you know God's pleasure for any and all the ways you lay down your life for the sake of your children!


Anonymous said...

praise God and Happy Mother's day to you as well!!

krista said...

Thankful to hear this update--thank you Lord. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and the kiddos travel well. :-)

Happy Mama's Day!

jujurocssoks16 said...

Glad to hear this "for sure." I think Duncan and Owen had the virus too (Owen got it right after Duncan, Friday to Sunday). They both have the faintest rashes on their faces. I wouldn't even call it a rash. But I think it's all over for us too.