Monday, June 30, 2008

A Delightful Weekend

After a long week, God blessed us with a delightful weekend.

It began with the great news that my ever hard working husband received a promotion at work!! Just to brag on him a bit, he worked very hard this past year to meet some goals he and his boss set last year at this time. He met all his goals but one, and is very excited to move into a position that will allow him some more independence and also leadership as he will be asked to oversee engagements and staff more frequently. I am very proud of my man!! He has achieved this in the midst of a very demanding life here at home that seems to grow only more demanding for him as my health/pain issues have increased over the last year and he's had to pick up the slack that I have left behind.

We enjoyed the company of some old college buds of mine on Friday whom we hadn't seen in 2 years. Tommy and Beth Chase along with their girls, Emma and Norah, decided to stop by for a visit on their way back to West Virginia from their vacation to Ocean City, NJ. We were so glad they did. It was wonderful to see my girlfriend and catch up a bit. We always love our time spent with the Chases.

Saturday was a busy, busy day filled with lots of errands, but topped off with a nice dip in the Neumann's pool. The Neumann's are an incredibly generous couple in our church (De often accompanies me to some of Judah's dr's appointments). They so eagerly open their home and pool to many folks, and we were able to take advantage of their generosity this weekend. We met another family out there for dinner, the Jones', a couple in our caregroup who we're enjoying getting to know better.

Finally, on Sunday we publicly dedicated our little girl to the Lord. We were so glad to have our parents join us as well as Lawrence's brother and sister in law. We adore our girl, and could not imagine our lives without this precious gift God's given us. We are so grateful to have Christian parents and siblings as well as a gospel-centered church in which to raise our children. We are so blessed by these means of grace in our lives.

In the midst of all that is difficult and a challenge in our lives right now, God has so graciously been giving me eyes to see how much blessing He is lavishing on us at the same time.


dancebythelight said...

Congrads to Lawrence! I was disappointed to miss the dedication, but so glad you had such a great weekend and we enjoyed hanging out at the pool on Sat. night!

zz said...

Ditto the congrats to Lawrence. That must feel really good to him (and you!). Bella looked so sweet on Sunday (as did all the beebees). It's so doggone hard to pay attention to the pastor while the "competition" is up there! It's like, "These parents have committed to blah, blah, blah, and we want to support them blahblahblah," all the while the babies are cracking us up.

bethyoung said...

really sweet! Also, congrats to Lawrence! I saw him as we were entering the church (late) but he was guiding his parents in the door and he was talking Spanish to them. I almost yelled at him about how if he wants to live in this country, he must speak our language but I thought that may come off wrong :-) Ha. I love you all!