Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Almengor Update

Fun Family Nights:

We dressed up like cows and got a free combo meal each at Chick Fil-A!! We LOVE our Chick Fil-A.

Our friends, the Grigers, joined us. I thought Heather did a rather good job putting these outfits together last minute for her kiddos, Rudy and Lucy. Isn't that the cutest cow tail? :)

We've also spent some time out at our friends, the Neumann's, who are so generous to allow us to use their pool for some fun, free family nights!! The boys love going to "Miss De's" and especially when they get to jump on the trampoline they have. Glenn and De are among the most generous, kind hearted people we know. We are so grateful for the ways they've invested in our family.

Other happenings:

Lawrence was out of town for 2 weeks traveling for business. We missed him greatly while he was gone but were grateful that he was able to come home on the weekend between his two weeks on the road. One of my main concerns for while Lawrence was gone was that my back would hold up. I'm grateful to say God provided abundantly for our family, and my back was fine the entire time he was gone...even after driving to and from my mom's in PA!! I was amazed and grateful. While at my mom's, I had the privilege of learning how to can green beans.

My mom has had an older Mennonite woman come and clean for her on occasion ever since my parents were married. Her name is Wanda, and she has become a family friend. She often brings home baked goods when she comes to clean or something she picked up for my mom at a yardsale that she knew my mom was looking for. She is a very thoughtful, dear friend of the family, and in typical Wanda fashion, offered to come and help us can green beans. This, only a week after her mother passed away! I counted it quite a privilege to be learning from these two women who have spent their lives serving their families with excellence.

Doctor updates:

Well, we have had a lot of doctor's appointments lately. Judah saw his opthamologist last week, Dr. Abrams. His eyes look good, no signs of swelling on his optic nerve (an indicator of glaucoma) and his vision has remained about the same. The patching we've been doing has not improved his vision in the one eye since the last visit, but she wants us to continue patching to try to prevent decline. So, to my son's dismay, we will continue patching 2 hours a day (hopefully soon with a permanent patch rather than a disposable adhesive).

Judah also had a laser treatment last week on his bum. After showing pictures to Dr. Cohen from Judah's last treatment and having a discussion with him about the "diminishing return" of these treatments, he felt it best to spread Judah's treatments out further. So, gladly I cancelled the next two appointments and will not have to take Judah back until November!!!

Finally, Judah has his tooth extraction scheduled for Monday, July 28th. Unfortunately, he started with a cold yesterday which required some nebulizer treatments late last night. So, he will be on Pulmicort for this next week, and I'm hoping it will not complicate him going under anesthesia. Please pray for quick healing and that there will be no complications with this upcoming surgery.


dancebythelight said...

I like your udder, ha ha!

krista said...

Got a good laugh out of those pictures...oh my word! :-P

Glad to hear about the last few weeks and God's faithfulness. Everyone needs a Wanda in my opinion. I'm gradually learning more about the canning process and have peaches and pears to do in August.

Jessi said...

Love the udder!! Though, there is an extra...well, never mind. :)

Kristin said...

So can you guys show up to church in those costumes??