Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lawrence!!!

Today, my wonderful hubby turns another year older (we'll just leave it at that). :)

"Understated" is the best word to describe all that my husband naturally finds attractive which makes it quite a wonder that he married me (but that's for another post). It is also the word I'd use to describe my husband in so many ways.

Love, your patience toward me is nothing short of Christ-like. Your long suffering with me, the same. Your devotion to me and our family is way under-rated, and I have especially seen that grow over the last year. Your zeal to live a gospel-centered life and the steadfast way you plod through our sometimes challenging life is exemplary. I am so grateful that it is you who has the most profound influence on my life and walk with God of the many who do.

You are such a gift to me and our family. We love you. We celebrate your life today and thank God for granting you all these years. We pray there are many, many more birthdays to celebrate with you as you just seem to get better with age.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Marie said...

Hey Bri, his birthday was the 16th?? I thought it was today, the 17th? Oops, sorry Lawrence. Happy birthday from the Johnsons!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank God for Panera wifi here in Clarksburg, West Ver-geen-yah. Thanks for the post. You're the best.

See you very soon!


zz said...

Aww, now ain't that sweet of your lovey to write that comment.

Happy Birthday, Lawrence.

Well said, Bri. Nice tribute.

Anonymous said...

aww, Happy Birthday Lawrence!!!

Jessi said...

Happy B-day Lawrence!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lawrence from Brad and Jen and the boys!! Good to see you Bri!