Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dearest Place on Earth

I'm talking about my church, now named "Sovereign Grace Church". Yesterday we had a special Sunday in the life of our church for it changed its long held, dearly loved named of Chesapeake Community Church to Sovereign Grace Church. During the service, our pastor spoke of the Sovereign Grace of God that brought about the birth of our church, has sustained us for many years and that we can anticipate for years to come. At one point in the service, several members of the church shared their testimonies of God's Sovereign Grace in their individual lives in a unique and powerful way. Here is a link to view this special part of our service yesterday.

As you watch, consider how God's Sovereign Grace has saved and sustained you and be blessed. And, if you don't know God's Sovereign Grace in your life, I'd love to talk to you about it!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for passing that link on, Brianna. I loved watching it, and felt like I was there, rejoicing with the rest of you. Oh... missing you all....

krista said...

Literally weeping...recognizing each face and knowing how true these testimonies of God's grace are!

Thanks for posting this link Bri. Missing you all, but celebrating with you too!