Friday, November 14, 2008

The Ongoing Food Wars

We have food wars in our home...not the fun kind where everyone is eventually covered with food (yes, that would actually be fun for me as opposed to the kind of food wars we have).
My boys are notoriously not the best eaters. There has been MUCH growth, and I can say God has given both them and us (their parents) much grace over the last 3 years to persevere in taking small steps toward good eating habits.

Today, war was waged over vanilla yogurt and berry granola mixed. Mind you, this was requested from my son. I double and triple checked with him to make sure he wanted it. He did. But, after a 1/2 of a bite, he told me he was full.

I tried various approaches to get him to finish his lunch and finally I pulled out the old, "Who's in charge?"

Son: "You're in charge, mom"

Me: "Who put mommy in charge?"

Son: "God."

Me: "Why did God put mommy in charge and not you? (wanting to hear something like, 'because God loves me and wants what's best for me OR because mommy can take better care of me than I can of myself, etc.') Instead, I got....

Son: "..Because she wants me to eat and not die."

Well, yeah, I guess that was close enough. :)


Marie said...

Too funny!

Carrie said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa! That is hilarious! We will NOT be having food wars in my house when the midget gets older! We will NOT! If I say enough times, does it become true? " )

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway! Come back and see me sometime, m'kay?

zz said...

They cut right to the chase.

Karen Elizabeth said...

Hi Briana. You’re the winner of my soy candle giveaway! For more information:

Eri said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Found you because you are a contest winner-Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story of Judah and the doctor visit. My little guy, Samuel, has cystic fibrosis so I can relate about thanking God for his grace and mercy in our situation. It's sometimes easier to see the problems than the opportunities to share God's love.

...and that is a very good reason why God put you in charge. :)

Toby & Kelly said...

That is awesome - and totally something that could be heard in our home as well!