Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The boys have been taking Benadryl before bedtime due to seasonal allergies. The other night Judah asked if they had gotten their "Conner-adryl". I was rather confused as all three of my guys laughed their heads off at this.

You see, the boys have cousins named "Ben" and "Conner". I heard Judah tonight say, "Come on, Tucker; let's go get our "Josh-adryl". (that would be Ben's brother).

They are clearly on a whole different humor playing field from their momma. I think Judah gets his humor from Lawrence. Either way, he keeps us laughing (when I get it anyway).


Zoanna said...

Love it. Smarty pants.

Jessi said...

I thought it was funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Belly laughing,

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! I am still laughing...I tried to explain it to the girls while I am laughing and they just stared at me and sympathetically laughed. I asked if they got it and they said no. So funny!