Friday, May 01, 2009

More than Scribbles

For the longest time, I really thought my boys would only scribble when given a piece of paper and crayons. But, alas they have moved on beyond scribbles and now actually draw decipherable pictures. They love to draw. Apart from playing with their Thomas the Tank engines and tracks, reading and drawing are their 2 favorite past times. Here are some pictures of my little artists:


zo said...

I like the many wheels on Judah's train and his number 14 ! Did they do the apple (?) tree together or was that Tucker's creation? How did they explain what was going on in it? And is the first one a roller coaster? I'm impressed.

Briana Almengor said...

Zo..Of all people to appreciate my sons' artwork, I'm blessed that you would be impressed. :)
I don't know what's up w/ the many wheels on Judah's train.
They did the "apple" tree together. I just loved how colorful it was and that they worked on it together. Don't know that there was a whole lot of reasoning behind that drawing...just that they can now draw hearts and must have been in the mood to draw them that day.
The first one IS a roller coaster...I was probably most impressed w/ that one and Judah's bird in the tree.

laurie said...

how cute! i loved seeing the artwork but seeing the sweet little faces made me want to cry. they are such big boys, Bri.