Monday, January 02, 2012

Why Raw?

50% raw that is.

One of the first 30 day challenges I am setting for myself is to aim to make 50% of what I eat raw food. By raw, I mean uncooked or processed. That doesn't include much other than fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts or seeds. Call me a deer and put me in the forest. :)

Why would I choose to eat like a bunny, you ask?

I have long been interested in fitness and nutrition and with a close relative's diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes several years ago, my interest and devotion spiked significantly. I have always enjoyed fitness and find it enjoyable to work out. I love a runner's high. However, my eating has been all over the map. And, since becoming a mom, I have found if I don't make conscious decisions about my food intake, it will drift to subsisting on mostly chocolate, diet soda and coffee.

Lawrence and I did the South Beach diet a few years ago, and while it inadvertently hooked me on coffee and diet soda, it also increased my affinity for and recognition of the value of vegetables. I've never been good at getting the veggies in, believe it or not. Are any of us naturally?

Over the last couple years, however, I have grown in consuming this vital part of the food pyramid on a more consistent basis. Nevertheless, I need to keep motivating myself and setting goals and/or boundaries for myself in regards to my food choices, or as I said before, I will drift toward eating chocolate, coffee and diet soda all day.

So, for 2012 I thought I would try this whole raw food thing a little more intensely. I know that eating fruits and vegetables closest to the picking point and state provides the most nutrition. And, from a busy mom's point of view, eating raw is actually easier than cooking it. It's one less step to getting it on my plate! Ease and simplicity works for me in this season of my life.

Already after just 2 days of eating this way, I feel great. It could be a mental thing. Probably is. But, I don't care. I know I'm eating food that is good for my body and is nourishing me well. And, I know my children are watching and hopefully gaining a little bit more interest in eating well, too. *I have found so far this is highly dependent on personality. I have one kid who LOVES junk food, and I honestly think he will always be that way no matter how well I eat or what nutritional information I expose him to. He really doesn't care. He wants his doritos and oreos and that's that. at least for now. :)

There's more behind my choice of eating just 50% and not going raw entirely, but I won't bog you down with those details unless you care to know. Basically, I just really don't want to give up my chocolate, coffee and diet soda entirely. ;)

If you're interested, I'll share with you some of my days' food logs. If not, I won't bother you with those details. But, I'm hoping maybe I can inspire someone else to grow even a little bit more aware of eating food that's going to nourish the wonderful body God's given to you to put to good use.

Just for kicks, what is your favorite RAW food?


Libby said...

I could eat 5 apples a day. Seriously. Or almonds.

Claudia said...

May you share some food logs so I can try this 8~)