Monday, January 23, 2006

EEG Head

Today's EEG went as well as anyone could expect from an 18 month old.
Judah screamed his little head off when the technician put on all the electrodes, but after his head was all wrapped in gauze, we sat back, watched Tom and Jerry and let the technician watch Judah's brain activity for a half hour. We were told he got a good EEG from Judah, whatever that might mean?! Thank you, Lord! After taking all the gauze and electrodes off Judah's head (which incidentally are stuck to his head with a vaseline based paste), we were sent on our way. The tech. tried to wipe as much of the paste off Judah's head as he could, but I walked out of Kennedy Krieger looking like I never bathe my son! So, for the afternoon, I am affectionately referring to Judah as "EEG Head".

The neuro. evaluation went well, too. Judah's head circumference remains the same. Thank you, Lord!!!

We have no more dr's. appointments for Judah this week, but mommy gets to go see the dentist. I think I have a cavity, so that may not be such a pleasant visit. :(

Until next week, God willing, Judah just gets to be a wonderfully active, curious toddler along with his brother. Tomorrow, we've been invited to climb on a fire truck that is visiting our neighbor's at home day care! Yippee!

Thanks for praying!

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Karen Hevesy said...

I'm glad things went well, except for the screaming. I would have been quiet for the electrodes and started screaming when Tom and Jerry came on. Not a fan.