Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2006, we do so with the awareness of God's faithful hand in 2005, and thereby confidently "laugh at the days to come" in regards to Judah's health in particular.

To recap 2005:

He developed asthma, usually brought on by a common cold, landing him in the ER twice, but never admitted. We have fared the last two colds without a trip to the ER, and are growing more comfortable and skilled at managing his asthma at home. Thank you, Lord!

Judah had two eye surgeries, one in May on his right eye and one just in December, on his left eye. While recovery in his right eye was long and difficult, the surgery seemed to not only keep the pressure down but also improve his eyesight as well. The recovery on his left eye has gone much better than the recovery in May, and we are certain it is due in part to your faithful prayers. Thank you, Lord!

We completed 6 laser treatments under the care of one of the best, if not the best, pediatric dermatologists in the nation, Dr. Bernard Cohen. We were denied coverage by our insurance company for Judah's 5th treatment, but with one appeal, the denial was overturned, and we were able to resume treatments. Thank you, Lord!

And, possibly the best news of the year: Judah's MRI which was done in September showed no evidence of Sturge-Weber brain involvement. This finding, along with the fact that Judah has had no seizures or strokes to date, makes the likelihood of brain involvement in the future decrease significantly. Thank you, Lord!

We are grateful to God for His many mercies to us and to Judah in this last year. Your ongoing concern and prayers on our behalf is a significant manifestation of God's love and care for our family. We will continue to rely on and appreciate your prayers in this upcoming year. We also want to know how we can be praying for you. So, please let us know. Email us anytime about any concern, and we will most certainly be praying. Thanks for loving us!

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