Monday, January 16, 2006

Eyes on Wednesday

Well, our little break from the doctor's is coming to a close. Starting back up this week, we will be taking Judah to see his opthamologist here in Bel Air. She regularly checks his vision and tries to see if there are any changes not only in his presciption but how he's using his eyes as well. She is also going to do the follow up from Judah's last surgery in December on his left eye, to ensure that it is healing properly. We're praying all will look good, but as always want to posture ourselves to trust God with whatever the doctor finds.

Please pray that:
  • Judah's prescription in both eyes will have improved or remained the same.
  • Judah's left eye will be free of infections and healing well from his last surgery.
  • We will be a testimony of God's grace to Dr. Abrams and faithful to represent the gospel in our interactions with her and her staff.

Thanks for praying with us over small and great matters.

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