Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Eating Wars and Judah's EUA

I'm sorry for the delay. I didn't get to post yesterday because our day was full. It included the boys' 18 month check up with their pediatrician. We walked through the door to where the boys get weighed and measured, and they began to scream in stereo. It served to set off a couple of the other kids in the office, too. I guess the boys are just "at that age".

They're also "at that age" when food becomes an issue. I discussed the boys' eating habits with their pediatrician (which excludes any meat or vegetables), and she gave me a plan of attack. I know I'm not the first mom to have food wars with her children, but the stress is nevertheless real and present in my world today.

Otherwise, the boys looked 'normal'. Judah's head circumference was recorded a centimeter more than what his neurologist and I measured recently, but I think that was due more to human error than that his head has actually grown. I mentioned it to Judah's neurologist and am waiting to hear back from her, but I am not concerned.

Judah has a scheduled EUA (evaluation under anesthesia) this Friday, Feb. 10th, as a follow up from his eye surgery in December. As usual, if Judah's eye pressures are elevated, the doctor will determine whether or not to perform yet another surgery. If his eye pressures are down sufficiently, Judah will be sent home after he wakes up from anesthesia.

One snag is that the boys have both been fighting a head cold. Judah has gone under anesthesia before with a cold; it just complicates matters, and sometimes has meant a "trache" tube put down his throat during the procedure to keep his airways open. That's never fun to recover from.

Please pray that:

  • God will give me grace to serve my sons and remain patient with them as they learn to gratefully eat their meat and vegetables.
  • the boys will become better eaters.
  • Judah will fare well with anesthesia on Friday and not be sick for the procedure.
  • we'll be able to use the gas mask vs. a shot for the anesthetic.
  • Judah will not need another eye surgery.
  • We will make it to and from Johns Hopkins safely (the appointment is at 6 a.m.).
  • Tucker will be pleasant for his sitter.
  • as always, Lawrence and I will be wisely shepherding our sons' hearts through these circumstances to the glory and praise of God.

Thanks for your faithful prayers!


Nicole Seitler said...

Boy, I feel silly now asking you in my e-mail if there was anything I could pray for you about. ;) I hope all went well today and I'll add the boys eating habits to my prayer list. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up at your talk with the pediatrician about eating habits. Norah has had two days of a fever now and we can't seem to bring it down. Went to the doc yesterday and told him that she's refused milk, even chocolate milk!, juice, gatorade, food, and I even offered candy and it was refused!!! His response: she'll eat when she's hungry! She's eating little bits today - it's a wonder that kids can make it without some of the major food groups :)

Glad to hear all the good news about Judah & how God is meeting you and your requests. He is so good at wanting to bless us!

Anonymous said...

I pray for communism.