Monday, February 20, 2006

Most Recent Laser Treatment

Judah had his laser treatment last Friday on his face. It turned out to be more stressful than usual. Thinking it would be more comforting to Judah and Tucker to be together, I foolishly decided to let Tucker tag along with us, accompanied by my friend, Kate. Tucker seems to be displaying a strange phobia of elevators, and at Hopkins, we had to take an elevator at least three times. Our appointment was pushed back an hour, and the waiting room crawled with people, so much so that we hung out in the hallway outside the office.

By the time I reached the treatment room with Judah, I broke down and began to cry. I was tempted to just take Judah home at that point, but knew that would be unfair to him. All I could do was pray for God's help to compose myself as I sensed Judah would feed off of my disquieted spirit. Finally, after I just couldn't seem to pull it together, I said in my spirit, "we rest on Your Faithfulness now, God", and I was reminded of the scripture that says, 'when we are faithless, He is faithful'.

We got through another treatment, with three adults holding Judah in place for the doctor. Even so, there were a few spots the doctor overlapped with the laser due to Judah's wiggling. Judah's face is covered with purple, round bruises on one side of his face predominately and blisters surrounding his nose and mouth mostly. The bruising and blistering is a common result immediately after treatment, and it will go away after about a week or so. Until then, we tend to keep Judah from the public eye, as who knows what sort of comments/stares/assumptions folks might make upon looking at him.

Nevertheless, my little man's smile shines through his bruises and blisters. He is a trooper! I am planning to take Judah and Tucker to our church's bible study tomorrow morning, and I'm praying that the little friends at church will just learn to see Judah and not Judah's red face. I am so grateful that Judah will have the church to grow up in and through which to experience God's love and acceptance.

Pray that Judah's blisters will heal without infection or scarring and that the bruising will go away quickly as well. There are no dr's appointments this week. Yippee! I'll post again next Monday regarding next week's appointment. Thanks for 'staying tuned' and for your faithful praying.


Nicole said...

I didn't read your entry until this afternoon. When I saw him, I figured he had had another treatment. I was the first mommy in the room and from what I saw all the kids were playing happily together. He was toddling around the room with everyone else. I also noticed several people (the kids and the other moms) gave him pets on the head and talked lovingly to him. Like I told you, he was trying to escape when the door was opened. ;) But everyone seemed to be showering him with love.

It must be hard to have to go to those treatments by yourself. I would beg Travis to go with me, which would not be the best thing...he has responsibilities at work. But I rely on him so much when things are hard like that. He's not allowed to leave me when I'm in labor. ;) Contrary to what some wives say about their husbands in the delivery room...ha! :D

By the way, your hair looked really cute today! I like what you've done with it.

Okay, well this is getting to be more of an e-mail and not a I'll go now. Tee hee. ;)

Suzanne said...

Your strength is amazing! Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you and your family.