Monday, February 27, 2006


This Friday, March 3rd, Judah will go to have his eyes checked once again. This time, the main focus will be to see if he needs glasses. The possibility of glasses has been brought up in the past, but Judah's opthamologist wanted to wait until his glaucoma was a bit more under control. Since his last EUA showed that his pressures are acceptable, she will go ahead and see what the surgeries and patching have done to his vision.

Her expectation is that Judah's vision will have improved as an indirect result of the surgeries. However, Judah's right eye has always been more nearsighted than his left. If this remains the case, and the discrepancy is vast enough, she will prescribe glasses. If he's equally nearsighted in both eyes, she will give him more time to develop and consider glasses further down the road.

My preference would be for Judah to not need glasses. However, if he needs them, I'm grateful he will be able to have them at such a young age, hopefully to adjust more quickly to them and also to enjoy better sight, too!

Please pray that:
  • Judah will cooperate with the exam, and Dr. Abrams, his opthamologist, will acquire an accurate prescription for both of Judah's eyes.
  • Judah will not need glasses.
  • Judah and Tucker are both sick with a cold; pray they'll heal quickly.

I'll let you know how things go next week.

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Karen Hevesy said...

Allison got her first pair at 18 months..I cried and cried! After further consideration 2 things..she could finally see clearly and she was absolutely adorable in them. I'll try to dig up a picture of her with them at that age to show you at church. I will be praying that he does not need them.