Monday, February 13, 2006

Judah's EUA Results and This Week's Events

As my thoughts turn toward love and the expressions of love we all try to display for others this time of year, I believe faithful prayer on another's behalf has got to rank high on the "most selfless expressions of love" list. So, know that we consider your prayers on our behalf a heart felt expression of love for us, and we are grateful for you!

Though Judah's procedure was delayed quite a while on Friday, he was not difficult to manage by God's grace. We took our friend, De, with us, and she is always a delight to have along for days such as Friday. She keeps a positive, God-centered perspective in all things, has a head full of wisdom that she readily shares and just overall puts a smile on our faces. She is a gem of a friend!

One ongoing concern or preference of mine for these EUA's has been that Judah receive the anesthetic through the gas mask vs. a shot. There has always been a "discussion" prior to the EUA as Judah's doctor prefers (his preference backed up by his study's findings) to use the shot. On Friday, I didn't feel I had it in me to get over what I call the "intimidation factor" of talking through this with the doctors again, so I prayed that God would give me grace and strength.

When the doctor came to speak with us about the procedure, he simply said, "...and we'll use the gas since I know you prefer that and we've already discussed that...". I just said a quiet, "thank you" to God but was ever aware of His presence with us, and of Him fighting the "battles" I didn't have strength to fight for Judah that day.

Judah went under and was evaluated, his pressures found to be within the realm of normal for him. The doctor was satisfied with the numbers enough to not do any surgery that day. However, he does want Judah to begin using an eye drop in his left eye to hopefully bring the pressures down further.

Judah recovered well from anesthesia, and we were home quickly without any complications. Thank you, Lord!!

This week, Judah will have a laser treatment on his face. Gratefully, my friend, Kate, is going to be available to help me apply the numbing cream ahead of time and then watch Tucker at home while I take Judah to Hopkins.

Please pray that:
  • Judah will cooperate for the application of his numbing cream.
  • God will give me grace and strength for yet another, rather traumatic, treatment.
  • I will shepherd my sons' hearts faithfully, to impress upon them that our God is good in all things.
  • the dermatologist and his new assistant will effectively treat Judah's face on Friday.
  • Judah will not feel pain from the treatment and will recover well with less bruising/blistering than he has had in the past.

Thank God with us that:

  • Judah was able to get the gas vs. the shot of anesthetic.
  • Judah did not need eye surgery this time around.
  • He faithfully provides good friends to surround us and help us with Judah's dr's visits.

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