Monday, April 03, 2006

Laser Treatment this Week

I missed a post last Monday because the boys and I made a special trip to Indiana, PA, to stay with my brother, sister in law and two nieces. Lawrence was in New Orleans on business, and we both felt it would be a good time for me to go to Indiana for a visit.

Traveling 4+ hours alone with the boys proved to be more difficult than I had envisioned. Let's just say "inconspicuous" would be the last word anyone would use to describe the three of us out in public. Mostly, God gave me grace through a spirit of humor, and I was able to just laugh at the hilarity of what I was trying to accomplish by taking the boys out to dinner on the road, using the bathroom twice and stopping to grab a drink while we filled up our gas tank. I'm sure we were quite an amusing sight for all the weary travelers on the road with us. :)

Nevertheless, we made it out to Indiana and back home all in one piece. And, while caring for the boys out of their element proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated, our trip to visit friends and family afforded several opportunities to catch up with old friends and make memories with the boys' cousins, Mia and Ainsley. We were cared for with excellence by my sister in law, Krista, as well. She is tireless in her heart to serve others. Thanks.

This week, Judah is scheduled for a laser treatment on his upper arm, trunk, back, neck and ear. Judah has a pesky patch of excema on his back that refuses to clear up. As a result, he either blisters fiercely there or Dr. Cohen just doesn't laser that patch at all.

Please pray that:
  • the patch of excema will heal before Judah's laser treatment on Friday.
  • I will find someone to help me apply the numbing cream and keep Tucker.
  • Judah will be able to rest some before his treatment as the appointment is scheduled for the middle of his naptime.
  • we will not have to wait long for his treatment once we arrive for our appointment.
  • strength for me to continue subjecting Judah to these treatments which are very traumatic but necessary.
  • the treatment will be painless and effective.
  • we will continue to find favor with Dr. Cohen and his new nurse, George.
  • as always that God will give us all grace as we seek to care for and shepherd our sons through these circumstances.

Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Oh and your experience are an oasis for us in a somewhat dry and thirsty land. I should not have expected anything different having known you for several years before you married. Now, to see how God has grown you through all this. You are a changed woman, no doubt. But God has allowed your circumstances to change you, how could they not? And each and every time your gaze, though tempted to be elsewhere, is toward the Lord you love. I believe you bring him much glory. I have renewed purpose in praying for Judah and you and Lawrence in light of our recent experience. God is good in his provision for each of us, isn't he...I love you all, Gretchen. (Nothing like catching up on this blog stuff two years later!!! Us oldies, we are slow, but having some fun, I guess). Love, Gigi