Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Need More Advice

Thanks for all the advice re: potty training.
I think the consensus is I wait a few more months.
I may give it a go with only one of the boys and see how that goes. But, if it doesn't go well, I feel better about waiting given all the input regarding boys and their "delayed" cooperation!

Moving on from potty training to painting....
Lawrence and I have LONG wanted to overhaul our master bedroom, like since we moved into the house in 2003! Anyone who has seen the bedroom will agree that it needs some serious attention. Lawrence and I are not agreeing (surprise!) about where to begin. I say get the bedding first and work the paint around it. He says pick out paint first and work the bedding around that. Any other opinions out there? Help!


FishMama said...

I say go to Sherwin-Williams (excellent quality paint) and ask to see their "mistints". These are the mistakes that they made for other people that were returned or refused. Normally their paint is $30-60 a gallon. But, the mistint should be about $3-5/gal. It is an excellent deal. (Yes, I know Home Depot has mistints, too, but I am partial to S-W. My dad, uncle and cousin are all painters and so I have "heard it" when I picked out bad quality paint.)

We have done this in the past and even mixed two different colors (same type) to get the color we wanted. I will never pay full price for paint again. Such a cheapskate, aren't I ;)

So, since my recommendation involves a somewhat haphazard method of choosing wall color, I say go for the walls first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just decide what "feeling" you want the room to have first. Maybe you could each make a list of adjectives that would describe your room and go from there. For instance, Josh and I want a light "beachy" feeling room, so that's going to dictate our paint choice and fabric, etc. Do you want a "warm" room or "cool;" earthy or modern. Do you have anything already in the room that you could pull colors from like a painting?

Anonymous said...

I say find the bedding first, match the paint and curtains to what you love. I am a textiles girl all the way. But I am not frugal or practical. and you know this about me :) .

I agree with Danielle about knowing what you're going for ahead of time.

Gabes is a great place to look for bedding cheap, and it is high quality name brands.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Laurie. It is much easier to pick a paint color from something that you already have then trying to find bedding to match the paint. In fact, if you take your bedding to Lowes they can color match it for you and you don't even have to pick out a swatch. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Bedding First!

Zoanna said...

Bedding first. Find something you both love (even if you doubt it's possible, God will give grace). I say even if it's a bit pricey, if you love it rather than just settle for it, it'll reward you daily (and nightly). High quality sheets, too, if that's part of your budget--Egyptian cotton. Ross is a great place for quality bedding and curtains at reduced prices.

My rule of thumb for bedding is to choose something that will sooth you on your sickest day. That's why I can't do stripes, brights, or dots.

We've always had good results with Behr Paint (the Depot) and Duron's Plastikote.

Anonymous said...

I picked out my bedding first, and chose the colors around it and I am in love with my room.

Alivia's Momma said...

I look through design mags or even pottery barn website or crate and barrel at their rooms that are set up and find one I like then you can pick colors and bedspreads easier because you have a feel you want. That's what we did for the upstairs bath and look how good it turned out. Otherwise it is so overwhelming starting from scratch.

Anonymous said...

You might also want to check out Tuesday Morning in Forest Hill. They sometimes have high quality sheets for cheap.

Briana Almengor said...

Thanks for all the input...great advice.
Danielle, thanks for the store idea; I have never heard of that store before.

Emily, your suggestion is a great one for me who cannot "see" style unless it's put together for me. So, seeing what the "professionals" have put together will certainly help. A while back, LA and I actually made a day of visiting model homes to get ideas there. We just haven't stepped out in anything...we're so non-commital about it. I guess we're fearful that we'll fork out the $ and be stuck with it. We both need to get over that and just do it and live with whatever comes of it.

If we go forward with it, I'll try to get before and after pics. for everyone. Maybe it'll motivate me to commit time and $ if everyone keeps after me about it. :)

Anonymous said...

We're redoing our MB & I found the inspiration in Pottery Barn - just like Emily said! I saw the wall color, loved the mood the room set, and went from there. I now have chocolate brown velvet curtains, chocolate & white mixed bedding, & the walls will soon be Williamsburg blue. I just need a rug & some new furniture (down the line a bit) & it will be perfect for me!

One thing I learned about Tommy was that florals were out. I wanted the MB to be at least a little bit masculine for him.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pottery Barn inspired our living room color choices too. PB is great for picking out paint colors too, because they have a deal with Ben Moore and always put what colors they use on their walls. Magazines are always inspiration for me. I've never been unhappy with a paint choice I've gotten from a magazine yet. I chose blue and chocolate colors from a magazine for the boys room and it's turned out great.

Tuesday Morning is a closeout retailer and I've gotten so many Christmas gifts there. They have great prices on rugs too. You never know what they'll have. You can get on the mailing list and then you'll know when certain things come in. Here's the website:


Zoanna said...

You could make it very analytical for your hubby. Even do a questionnaire:
1) What colors do you hate? Like?
2) Do you like matchy-matchy or mix up the patterns?
3) Get magazines from library (don't pay for them). If he's easily overwhelmed by pics (like Paul) pick 3-4 that you like, and ask him his opinion. Not just "like or don't" but what about this room do you/don't you like? Paul said no pinks, no florals, no animal prints. We both like green. I like purple, he's okay with plum, but we both love neutrals for background. So we have creamy coffee walls, a green leaf motif wallborder with some plum in it (which needs to come down), cream carpet, plum swagged "drape" (it's just a humongous piece of fabric draped over leaf-shaped tie backs that we put up at each corner. I feel about ready to redo ours, but it's low on the priority list. My family room ranks highest on the list of Makeovers I Crave.

Zoanna said...

Tuesday Morning is next to Spenceola Antiques. EAsy to miss because it's annexed to the antique store. Its driveway is actually off Bynum, across the street from the Old C-Mart. It's my favorite place to buy journals and pretty party supplies and gift wrap, gourmet cookies and teas on the cheap. And yes, they have lovely bedding but I've never priced it.