Friday, November 16, 2007

Asking for Prayer

A bit last minute, but I'm asking for prayer for a laser treatment we have today for Judah. I am splitting up Tucker and Bella between two babysitters, praying that they'll take good naps while I'm at Hopkins with Judah. Also, Judah will have a new area lasered today. We have always done either his face or his trunk/shoulder/upper arm area. Today, we're going to try a different area on his body, and I am anxious about it.

Yesterday, I took Bella for her 9 month check up and assured the boys on the way there that only Bella would be getting shots. I did not expect my pediatrician to offer flu shots for all the kids while we were there. This was providential as I had been trying to figure out when and where to get the flu shots for them otherwise. So, I went with it, crazy lady that I am. Needless to say, the boys were not happy with me. In light of that, putting Judah through a laser treatment today feels cruel on my part.

The boys have been doing a lot of imaginative play lately, which is very fun to witness. One of their roleplays is of a laser treatment. Tucker is always the patient and Judah, the doctor. It's cute on one level, sad on another, probably a bit therapeutic in some way, too. But, Judah says nearly everyday, "Mom, I don't want you to take me for a laser treatment." As much of a trooper as the kid is, he just simply hates laser treatments. I can't say I blame him.

And, I am struggling with a bout of self pity this week, not justifiably (is it ever?), but struggling nonetheless. I am certainly tempted to consider how I am ending my week and feel sorry for myself. If you want to figuratively "smack me in the face" via a corrrective comment, feel free. :) Please don't cater to my self pity, however. That would not be helpful.

So, we'd greatly appreciate your prayers for us today.


Sarita Leone said...

Thinking of you. :)

Anonymous said...

maybe self-pity isn't the right word for what you are experiencing. you are a mother, and mothers want to protect their children. Emily struggled so, it broke her heart and ours, when she had to make Livi go through something that was painful, scary, and it never ended. But she did it...for Livi's good we hoped.
So do say, why does my child have to have this treatment, this syndrome....etc. a mother's heart will always break for her children over and over.....whether they are 1, 2, etc. up til the time you die. it is the part of mothering that you didn't realize you signed up for.......some is much worse than others. as someone, who had lost their child suddenly at age 11, said to us in a card when livi died....don't spend too much time in the whys. So, bri, grieve for your son, and then get over it. you probably already are! gigi

Beth Young said...

I didn't leave a comment because I also feel like we are allowed to feel sad and sorry for our situations, whatever they are. As long as we aren't lying in our wallows of self-pity, of course. That's just not healthy.

I hope that you don't feel like you have to regularly suffer (with or without feeling sorry for yourself) in order to feel like you are gaining something or doing right in the eyes of God.

You are hearing from the girl who hasn't suffered a day in her life. One day, when I'm suffering, my blog is going to blow up and my keyboard is going to be so hot that it catches fire! Then, I will be wallowing and I will need encouragement :-)

Girl, you don't wallow. You're one strong mamma.

Beth Young said...

sorry for not encouraging you....I certainly wasn't applying what you asked of us, but I wanted to also let you know that you are amazing at what you do and that it's not good to wallow...although, I don't see you as a wallower.

Love you~