Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Little Pumpkins +1

I'm finally able to post some pictures we took of our pumpkin pickin' this year. The boys are way more into the hay ride to the patch than they are in picking just the right pumpkin. They are too bothered by the vines. Here are my 'particular' pumpkins:

The boys' buddy, Rudy, joined us for pumpkin pickin'.

Don't ya think Anne Geddes should get a hold of my girl?!


beth said...

hi briana,
you're kids are adorable
just saying 'hi'

Tara said...

great pictures! Love your little girl, I just want to squeeze her :-)

Libby said...

Too funny that your boys are laughing hysterically, while Rudy looks so somber!!! =)

robin said...

I love seeing the pic's!

robin mccullough