Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our First Outing

I did it...but barely and with help.
I ventured out of the house with all three of the kiddos. Granted, it was only to the pediatrician, and it was necessary for me to take all three of them with me, but I did it. My mom was here to help, and good thing because I'm sure at 9 p.m. tonight (as I am writing this), I would still be trying to get out of the house. I will take any advice from any of you who have or had three or more under three on how to get them all out of the house on time for appointments.

We met our new pediatrician today, Dr. Hartwig. She interacted great with the boys. They loved being able to touch all her instruments. Everything seems to be going well with Bella. She's back up to her birth weight minus an ounce, which I think is rather impressive given she didn't eat the first four days of her life! She hasn't shown any signs of reflux yet which is such a blessing. She seems fine in every other regard and is proving to be quite a good baby. She and I are on track with the nursing (thank you, Lord); I feel more regulated with my supply than I ever got in the six months I nursed the boys. I have to guard my heart and watch my thoughts as I can be tempted to wonder when everything is going to start going poorly, as it did with the boys. Instead, I want to be able to receive this blessing from the Lord and not have expectations or demands for tomorrow.

Judah was also examined today for his growth. He jumped up on his weight curve but sank on his height curve, the opposite from just a month ago. Because we're dealing with a new pediatrician who is unfamiliar both with Judah's personal history and with Sturge Weber Syndrome, this may take some time for her to figure out how she wants to advise us. For now, she will contact Judah's neurologist to consult with her about what might be called for as far as follow up with this growth issue.

We'd appreciate your continued prayers for Judah's growth. The pediatrician didn't feel it was an urgent matter that needed immediate attention, and I'm grateful for that. From the last two weeks in March until the end of April, we will be averaging 1-2 dr's appointments a week.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for our family. It is a time of transition for sure, and we feel the stress of our season daily. Lawrence is beginning to get what we have learned is a "stress" cold; we are both tired and feel stretched to our limits. But, we are also both aware of how much God is sustaining us, our kids and providing for all our needs. We know we are abundantly blessed with constant offers for help of all kinds.

If you have called in the last couple days and I haven't gotten your call or called you back, please know we appreciate your call, your persistance in expressing your care for us and your understanding when we don't get back to you promptly. The boys are requiring a lot of my attention in regards to discipline, and I am trying to rest as much as possible during the day, too, making phone calls difficult to get to. Soon enough, I imagine, we will figure this all out and have a bit more of a routine. But, for now, it's about daily survival.

And, to survive tomorrow, I must now go to bed. :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams to all of you. Enjoy the blessing of Bella. Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Great news re: Bella and no reflux! We've been praying, and will continue to ask that she (and you) are spared. Even though I only have 2 kids for now, my advice to others and myself is always "take things slowly." Being late isn't a crime. It's a burst of the bubble of pride, but it only proves we're human. :) Love you! Lydia

Anonymous said...

tips.... hmmmm...

three under three...

if they are like my girls, by the time you get one ready, the other is stripping down, taking shoes off, and running around! catch that one, and the other one is in the refrigerator. ah, dear one, there is no secret. i've been known to "lose it" on occasion during the "lets get in the car NOW" time of day. it's not unusual now for norah to go to church in a pretty skirt, a sloppy t-shirt, non-matching sweater & cowboy boots. at least she's clean. mostly.

tell your mom i said hello. get lots of rest when you can, and enjoy your little blessings!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your Dr. appointment went well and there's been no signs of reflux!!

Zoanna said...

Aw, I am rejoicing in your report, Bri! Really! Bella weighs what she did coming into this world. That is wonderful news. No reflux. Even better! I can her your prayer, "Lord I believe. Help my unbelief." Thanks for the update on Judah. Is everything okay with Tucker also? Hey,I'm with the rest of your commmenters: there are no formulas for getting to the dr on time. iN fact, I can't recall formulas for ANYthing parentingwise! ))) One thing I did learn was not to make an appointment before 10:30 if I could help it. It took me plus 3 stairstep kids that long to get up, eat, dress, disobey, get disciplined, get everyone strapped into car seats, run back in for something I forgot, etc. Let yourself be human, that's the best thing I can say. You've got a tough job and are doing it very well!

KathleenZ said...

Briana, We prayed in CG on Wed. that Bella would not have reflux (despite the medical conditon), and I'm so encouraged to hear how well she's doing!
In terms of getting out the door with 3 little ones... lots of planning. Having been to so many appt.'s with your twins, I'm sure you already know most of the tricks of the trade. Time outings around naps and meals, bring along snacks and quiet toys, lay out everything ahead of time (clothes, shoes, etc.), and allot more time than you think to get out the door. It always takes longer. Also, don't neglect discipline in an effort to get out the door quicker. It almost always backfires, and frequently, in the middle of a crowded waiting room! When you're outnumbered, first time obedience is crucial.
That said, if you made it to the doctor's office (and actually had some discussion with the doctor)with a newborn and two 2 year olds, only 1.5 weeks postpartum, that's impressive!
God gives grace to the humble, and you are a living example. Kathleen