Monday, April 09, 2007

My Little Trooper

We didn't make it to church yesterday but celebrated at home with our resurrection eggs and lunch with Lawrence's family. Judah did end up getting a little touch of the stomach bug, but never threw up and never really appeared too sick, just a little diarrhea. So, we stayed home hoping to minimize the spread of this awful virus.

Today, I had to take Judah back to the dentist as she was unable to examine him upon our most recent visit. He was an amazing little man, sitting perfectly still while Dr. Diana examined his mouth. She pinched his cheeks, pressed on his gums and scraped some of his front teeth that had some superficial staining on them. He sat still the entire time, chatting her ear off. They wear grape flavored examining gloves. Judah must have tasted them because at one point, he exclaimed, "Tasty!" as she felt inside his mouth. After so many tortorous dr's appointments, it's so refreshing to have my little man cooperate and not be afraid. Thank you, Lord!

This week, I'll take Bella back to the pulmonologist for a follow up. She also has her 2 month check up where I imagine she'll begin to get her immunizations. :( Judah will also be going in to our pediatrician for a pre-op. physical as he will have an EUA (evaluation under anasthesia) next Monday for which a physical is required.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely hilarious that Judah said tasty- he is an incredible little guy.

Will be praying for the upcomig appointments-

Danielle said...

Wow, two months already!!

Anonymous said...

You are a trooper too, or perhaps the chief trooper. You have done such a good job, teaching Judah to sit so well for all these doctor appointments. (I believe you and Emily are incredible moms). So, your life is back to "normal" for endless round of appointments. I hope Bella is sleeping well, and that you get some too. Love, gla

beth said...

Grape flavored gloves! I shall request these of Rachel at my next checkup!