Friday, April 13, 2007

Our Doctor Day

We had a busy day yesterday, but God's grace saw us through. I took Bella to the pulmonologist for a follow up visit in the morning and after sharing my observations of Bella over the last month, we decided to try yet another medication. So, Bella is now on three reflux medications. I'm never excited about giving my children prescription medications, but when it's needed I'm grateful they're so readily available to us. And, while our medical costs add up quickly, again I have to give thanks that God has always provided for us!

I rushed home to nurse Bella and then headed out again with the boys to pick up the prescriptions at Target, leaving Bella with my mother-in-law. That evening, we had another appointment with our pediatrician. It was Bella's 2 month check up, and Judah needed a pre-op. physical in order to go under anesthesia on Monday.

Bella is doing very well with her growth despite her breathing and reflux issues. She is in the 95th percentile for both height and weight!! This was so reassuring to me, and I give thanks for God sustaining and growing her. She also received her first round of immunizations which I never find easy to put my children through. But, I know it's for their best and for the good of others, so we do it. Today, however, she is having diarrhea. It could be a reaction to the shots, but I'm guessing that she, just like everyone else in our family but me so far, has fallen prey to this awful stomach virus. Please pray she'll be spared of the vomiting and high fever part of this virus and that she'll eat sufficiently to stay hydrated and out of the hospital.

While all the members of my family have been sick with the stomach virus, it's only been one at a time which has made it manageable. Thank you, Lord! I'm praying that if I do get it (and pray that I don't, please) that I'll get it on a weekend so that Lawrence can be home to care for the kids.

Judah will have an EUA (evaluation under anesthesia) on Monday morning at the early hour of 6 a.m. Please pray he will remain healthy for this procedure and that there will not be any significant signs of glaucoma which would require surgery. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post. You sound very aware of God's grace; with 3 kids under 3 your lives are a whirlwind. Hope the meds work quickly for Bella, is she a happy camper with all her symptoms? Hoping, hoping, hoping for no more flu...pooing, puking or otherwise. g

Anonymous said...

Way to go making it through another day of doctor appointments. I don't know how you do it. Don't worry about cleaning the house, it can get clean next year. For this year, just remember to water & feed your children. When the opportunity strikes, you can even take them outside for sunshine. Have a good weekend! Hope everyone is good & healthy soon! ~beth