Monday, January 27, 2014

Currently Reading

Taking a writing prompt from "Write Alm" today to share what I am currently reading.

Never being one to either finish a book or be in only one book at a time, I have three books that I am reading and actually plan to finish, at least two of them.

"War Horse" by Michael Morpurgo, a story about a horse, told from the perspective of the horse, who is initially bought as a result of a lost bet.  The horse, Joey, is eventually sold again to the military to be trained and used in the U.S. cavalry of WWI.  Having only read 6 of 21 chapters aloud to my kiddos, it is already showing itself to be a tear jerker. And, others have confirmed from either reading it themselves or having seen the movie, that indeed it will be. We'll see if my kids will be able to make it through the entire book.

"The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton.  A couple friends, Laurie and Danielle, turned me on to Kate Morton, and I am so glad they did. I have never had much of an appetite for fiction, always viewing it as a waste of time. If it's not real, why would I read it?  I think my imagination took some kind of massive blow as a child, and I have never quite recovered.  Nevertheless, Kate Morton has begun to amend my perspective on reading fiction for the good. No longer a waste of my time, I can not seem to get enough of Morton's writing.  I find myself near angry that my eyelids fall shut from exhaustion every night that I have a few minutes to delve into the world of relational mystery and intrigue and that she so masterfully creates.  I am 388 pages in on this 548 page saga and loving it!

"Untamed: How the Wild Side of Jesus Frees Us to Live and Love with Abandon" by Lisa Harper.
I am reading this during my all too brief, not-so-quiet-because-my-children-wake-up-with-me-no-matter-what-time-I-wake-up quiet time in the mornings.  Harper is a new author to me though she has written 9 other books before this one, some titles of which sound up my ally. For instance, her recent book, "A Perfect Mess" sounds like she may already know me!

I am appreciating greatly some of Harper's insights into the person, priorities and perspectives of Jesus, one in particular being how 'wild' Jesus is for women.  It took me the first couple chapters to appreciate Harper's sense of humor and 'voice', but less than half way through the book it began to grow on me a bit, and now I find myself more keyed in on the scripture she brings to bear and the claims they make about the Christ I follow.  It has not been as in depth a Bible study for me as I prefer, but it has been a good choice for me in this season. Her questions at the end of each chapter call more for a thoughtful pondering of one's life and perceptions of Who Christ is than an inductive study of specific passages.

I am grateful to be surrounded by a multitude of reading buddies who always have a long list of suggested titles for me to try as I have never considered myself a "reader." I like to run, to do, to move. Sitting down with a good book has only recently begun to appeal to me, especially if a cup of coffee or tea is involved.

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What age would be good for War Horse? Does Bella like it?