Thursday, January 30, 2014

Laser Treatment Time

Hello. This is Judah. Laser treatments are scary, but I still trust in God.  Please pray for me.

One thing I like about laser treatments is that I get to have lollipops and a $5 lego.  Once I have 24 laser treatments, I will have $120 in legos.

When I put on my numbing cream for laser treatments, I usually get to watch youtube or netflix or legoclub.

On my way there, I usually listen to my favorite CD's or to the radio on my MP3 or read a book.

Sometimes, I bring my Bible, and sometimes I bring a toy.  But, last time I brought a toy, I ended up losing it. The good thing was, it was only a hotwheel car.

At the end of the laser treatment, I am very, very excited that it is finally over. When we get home, we usually watch a movie, and I get to pick the movie.


Anonymous said...

Judah, grandma & grandpa will pray treatments will go very quickly and any pain will be tolerable. Can't wait to see you. Counting the days.

Laurie said...

Judah, the Reyes family prayed for you today!

Claudia said...

Hope all went well - prayer are always being sent - xoxo