Tuesday, January 21, 2014



One of my dearest friends, Laurie, who has a fabulous blog that you would do well to read, wrote a post in participation with some other bloggers who considered 2014 through the lens of what they want to give up or do away with.  They honed in on one thing and attached the prefix, "UN" to that thing that they want to rid from their lives.  It was their twist on the "one word" concept in which one chooses just one word to provide inspiration, direction or focus for the New Year. I did that. sort of. You can read about my "one word" here.

I enjoyed reading about Laurie's year of "uncomfortable" and thought I would chime in with what I want to be without this coming year. I want to be "UNcondemned".

Interestingly enough, searching through some files on my computer the other night while stuck sitting at the kids' Tae Chaun Do practice, I came upon an article I worked on but never did anything with entitled, "Conviction vs. Condemnation."  As I read over it, I thought, "I wrote this?"  It was decent. It was insightful and helpful.  And, I will post it tomorrow after I have had a few more minutes to proofread it.

Condemnation is something I am prone to, something of which I am praying for a greater measure of discernment and freedom.  I want 2014 to be the year of "UN"condemned for me first and foremost because Jesus paid the highest price one could pay, that of His life, so that I would know NO CONDEMNATION and second, because I believe the more I walk in the freedom Christ sacrificially bought for me, the more I will love and serve Him and genuinely love and serve others.

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