Friday, January 17, 2014

My Help

It has been a hard week in many regards, challenging me once again to rely on Christ at every turn, showing me over and over again how very desperate I am for someone OUTSIDE myself to come and be my help, my wisdom, my rest.

My scribbled prayer in my journal this morning read, "Lord, I am trusting that you are working out Your purposes in and through me.  You know I want to be used by you, but more than that, may I be changed by you.

I then opened a favorite devotional of mine by Paul Tripp, "A Shelter in the Time of Storm" and read the following:
God is our ultimate Helper...
Not only does He help you with internal weaknesses
but He alone is able to remove external obstacles.
Because He is our helper, 
we don't have to place the completion or success of the task on our shoulders.
It's not our job to complete the task;
it's our job to obey God's call.

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