Saturday, January 25, 2014


Five Minute Friday

When I was a little girl, my dad would pile my brother, sisters and me into the car and head out to visit friends.  We came unannounced but for the knock on our friend's front door as we stood on the porch to see if they were home.  Often our friends were home and graciously invited us in, sometimes to dinner, sometimes to just coffee and many times to just a sweet time of play, chatter and fellowship.

I am now grown, have a home of my own and love the idea of folks dropping in for a "visit" much like we did as a family with our friends.  But there seem to be social barriers, etiquette that keep one another at arm's length.  Upon moving into our new home this summer, I told a friend to stop in anytime she pleased, unannounced.  She asked if I meant it. I told her that I did.

What must we do as individuals, families and friends to convince each other that we really do mean it when we say, "Drop by anytime for a visit?"


~Maxine~ said...

I am so with you, I would love ppl to drop by, if they can overlook the "lived in" house. LOL Seriously, when did it become a bad thing for neighbors and friends to visit? Maybe that is why we have neighborhoods where people don't even know each other. Stopped by from FMF.

Kristi said...

so true... people just don't do that anymore. And we should. But I think we are so over scheduled that we are afraid we will be interrupting something if we are to just drop in. How do we make this a return to our current culture the way it used to be for our parents and grandparents?

Danielle said...

I think mostly it's just because people are too busy. The lives people live now are so much busier than even my life as a kid was!

sandy said...

Congratulations dear friend you made it. You are right I remember those days. Longer ago of course. that need to call first is new to this time. Love you too. Wish you were closer.

sandy said...

Bri, the sandy you click will not be me...don't ask. I am so not tech savoy. Well it is me, but all that is there is a link to Hannah's blog, which is worth reading.