Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our Morning Excitement

(MOM...Don't read this post; trust me!)

Our friend and neighbor, Rudy, came over to play a little bit this morning, and on his way out the front door, he spotted something in our flower beds that looked interesting to him. His mom was putting her other child, Lucy, in the stroller and turned around to notice Rudy crouching down to "pet" something. That something was a snake! (Mom, I told you not to read this.)

I was puzzled when Heather didn't whisk Rudy away from the thing but instead gently pulled Rudy back to create a little distance and then allowed him to stare at the thing for minutes. She said she didn't want him to be afraid. So, given the fact that I have two boys who do tend to be more timid with such things, I thought I should follow her good example and have the boys go outside to see this bit of nature, too.

We all remained a safe distance from the snake, not knowing what kind it was. After a few minutes we decided our boys had had their little science lesson for the day, and we could all go inside now. When I emailed my husband to tell him about it, he asked me to call my father-in-law over to get the snake out of our bush. So, I called and over he came with a long log, a long pole and an intention to get that snake.

When he saw that it wasn't a simple black snake, he decided he was going to kill it and that he needed my help. "Me, you want ME to help you...to help you kill a .....snake?! Surely, you're joking" is what I thought to myself. But, again to set the example to my boys of bravery, I pitched in and helped my FIL get that snake. He had me hold the log down tightly on its tale while he took the pole to get its head out of the bush. I'll not share any more details but to say the snake is now dead and sitting in a clear trash bag on our deck so that Lawrence can look it up later on the internet to see what kind of snake we had in our bush just in case any of its brothers or sisters decide to show up at our house for vengeance. :0


Zoanna said...

Ew, gross! AAAACCKKK! You're a better woman than I. What other marking does said snake have on its corpse?

Danielle said...

You'll have to let us know what kind of snake it was!

Sarah said...

It's so weird you posted about a snake today because just this afternoon I was remembering the time I ran over one with a lawn mower and how I haven't mowed the back yard since!

jessi said...

You're so much better than me. I woulda been inside all day with the doors shut up tight!! So if MY father-in-law happens to read this comment (which he might...), I'll hope he picks up on the hint that I hope he never asks me to help him get any snakes!!

Anonymous said...


NO WAY. I would have been so freaked out! You are a brave woman.

Beth Young said...

The animal rights activist in me is mad that you guys chopped up a snake when he wasn't doing anything to hurt anyone instead of capturing him and calling Animal Control - but the real Beth doesn't like snakes at all and thinks that the world is a better place without them. Real Beth wins today, so you're lucky :-)

staceyhoff said...

man, what a morning you had!!
I am so glad that God protected your babies. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for dropping by mine, and for commenting too. I actually am not that close to Audrey, but I would like to be closer friends. Something worth pursuing, that I should pursue, huh!:)

Anonymous said...

Hah, hah-hah, :) :)!!! What a great story, I can just see you. I had a similar story when Emily was little...all about "showing them not to be afraid"!