Friday, May 18, 2007

Pictures with a Story

Two weekends ago, we had a very busy weekend...a full day at Hopkins, and two birthday parties to attend. The 2nd birthday party of the weekend was on Sunday, right after church and at the same time the boys normally take a nap. It was not a good showing for the Almengor's. We were with old neighbors of ours who we haven't seen in months. We were the only family with three kids, let alone three kids under 3 years old.

Shortly after we arrived, Judah fell and cut his lip open rather badly. At the time, we couldn't decipher what he had cut; we just saw the blood. Any mom knows facial bleeds are the worst, especially the mouth. It seemed to take forever to get it to stop bleeding and even longer to get Judah to stop crying. I'm sure after a half hour, people were wondering why we were even still at the party. But, hey, we don't come by social events that the entire family can attend too often. So, I was determined to stick it out!

Judah did calm down and eventually began to play again with the other kids, but he fell at least 3 or 4 more times that day. Not his day I guess. Tucker was in true 2 yr. old form, saying "no" to me any time I called his name, and Bella refused to sleep making her rather cranky and unable to put down. We really weren't able to participate with any of the planned activities because we were just a bit overwhelmed. My friend who hosted the party said to me at one point during the party, "I'm exhausted just watching you." :) Yeah, just the thing that makes you feel like such a good mommy! :) I just smiled and said, "yeah, I'm not one of those who makes it look easy."

I am the mom I never wanted to be: the frazzle, dazzle queen. But, I've got three kids I love a ton and three kids who, God willing, will learn to be incredibly gracious to others who, like their momma, fumble through life while trying real hard to make it look good.

Here are the pictures of Judah's lip later that day when all the blood stopped flowing and he stopped crying:

And, here's a very tired mommy at the day's end who was attacked by plastic eggs while she slept:


Beth Young said...

poor Judah! Hey, I only have two under 4 and I never make it look easy. I'm a stress ball waiting to pop! If I didn't have my husband who helps so much, I'd collapse.

At least your toes are painted :-)

FishMama said...

Well, can I just tell you that you're beautiful!

You can do this! By God's grace you will do this and He will be glorified. Be encouraged! I feel just as frazzled -- every day. He is made strong in your weakness!

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking about the very thing you wrote about this morning! Do I really have to have 8 kids like Bev before any of parenting comes - let alone looks - natural and easy? And of course, I was also reminded, it IS only by God's grace that anyone succeeds as a parent. ~Lydia

beth said...

Eggs nothing! I thought you were being attacked by two big lions!!! LIONCITO!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy days happen. "Bad" momma moments happen. I lost Norah today at church. I stopped by for just a few things, and lost her. I tried to play it off like I really knew where she was, praying the whole time she wasn't on I68 hitch hiking to Cumberland... She was in the break room/kitchen the whole time eating doughnuts. I should've known. Now I'm stealing your blog - sorry! It's just that those things happen! Bloody lips & mouths are the worst. I'm glad Rachel is usually around when those things happen so she can do a quick checkup! Hope he's feeling okay - give him a popsicle for me!

jessi said...

I feel your frazzle!! We've had many events that when we got home I ask Todd "why did we do that?". Thankfully, they pass through those stages. The other day when we took my mom out for dinner for mother's day I suddenly realized how peaceful it was, and said "Hey, we've hit a milestone! We can go out for dinner and actually enjoy it!" (Not that we don't still have those moments; we do still have a two-year-old - I just think the older ones help the situation for the younger). Anyway...easier days are ahead! Hang in there!

Zoanna said...

Ditto what Jessi said. Also remember that people with a lot of kids have OLDER kids who help. So, yes, there's more of them, but they are able to do so many little things from walking a sibling into church to fetching a diaper to helping with housework, answering the phone, entertaining a sibling with a game or book, etc. You are in a VERY hands-on stage right now. I thought that stage would never end when my kids were 3,2, and infant. Diapers out the wazoo, so to speak. Messes, crying, whining, fighting, disobeying. NOt much has changed, after all, come to think of it !!! LOL>

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