Monday, May 07, 2007

The Stomach Bug Strikes Again

Yes, it's true. It seems we've picked up a stomach bug again. Judah had diarrhea all morning and just threw up during his nap. I was really hoping it was just all the sugar he ate this weekend at the birthday parties, but the throwing up part makes me think it's more likely some virus. And, given we were all over Hopkins on Friday (just about the easiest place to pick up viruses/illnesses of all kinds), I'm thinking we got it from there.

The unfortunate thing is that we probably exposed just about as many families as we could this weekend, having attended two birthday parties with the kids and church on Sunday. Of course, there was no way to anticipate that Judah would be sick today, but I still feel really badly for having exposed people to him. If you happen to have seen us this weekend and your kids get sick, I'm really sorry. Don't hate us forever! :)

So, into hiding we go again. Of course, we'd appreciate your prayers for our health, and that by a miracle, the rest of us would remain healthy, especially Bella. Please pray that those who were exposed to my kids this weekend would not get sick either.

Thanks so much.

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